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  1. Hi Peter, This is looking stunning. I have one of these sitting in my stash that I want to build as an NF3, so I'll be watching carefully for tips. My biggest problem for this build is lack of references, whst are you using? Bob A
  2. Hi Guys, I was speaking to Trevor Snowden of Airfix a couple of weeks ago about the Mossie kit(s) and here's the gen from the horses mouth so to speak. They intend to do 2 kits (2008, 2009) one fighter boxing and one bomber boxing. Each one will have the parts to do as many versions as possible for that particular fuselage. e.g. Different prop blades, single and twin stage merlins, different canopies, armaments etc... This should mean you can choose to do the NFII, FBVI, NFXII, XIII, XVII, XIX, 30 or 36 from the fighter box. I'm doing some research for Trevor and have just sent off a load of stuff re-radar and radio fits, the different fighter noses, and the different cockpit fittings for the major versions. I made a suggetion that the Bull/universal nose is made in clear plastic so the post war NF36's can be done as the nose was often left unpainted on these and it was actually clear plastic. I've also suggested that the NFXV be included in the bomber boxing as they were originally conversions of bomber airframes. I can't wait for the release date. Bob A
  3. Hi Guys, It's not 1/32nd but it's big scale. I'm waiting patiently for the Airfix 1/24th scale Mosquito this Christmas. They are planning to release the fighter version this year and the bomber next. I spoke to Trevor Snowden from Airfix at the Huddersfield show the other week, and, he said that the intention is to include parts for as many of the fighter versions as possible in the box and the same for the bomber. Hopefully this will attract as many potential buyers as possible and continue the up trend of Airfix. Bob A
  4. Hi Dave, The build looks good so far. I can't wait to see it completed as I had the great fortune of meeting Jack Ilfrey and getting him to sign a limited edition print of his aircraft. This now hangs in my dining room along with a couple of others. Bob A
  5. bobba

    SHAR on ARC

    Hi Fella's I don't know if this has been mentioned before but I just looked at a 1/24th scale Airfix Sea Harrier project on the ARC "in progress" forum. I'm absolutely stunned by the detail the modeller is putting in to it and was even more stunned to find the guy is only 17 years old. I'm near 40 and can't see me being even half as good. Cheers, Bob (who's off to cry into his pint.)
  6. Hi Rob, This is a topic that could run for a while, but here's my two penny's worth, from my research so far Spit MkI - seat is most likely to be metal and painted interior grey green as per the rest of the cockpit. Spit MkV - Could be as above or red/brown Bakelite or whatever the material is called. I have heard of instances where the "bakelite" seats have been painted interior grey green. This includes seeing some spares belonging to the RAF memorial flight, although they may have been painted post war. I have a friend who served as an erk during the war and overheard one CO order some fitters to paint the seats on the squadron Spits, so they were all uniform. He couldn't say whether it was done as he was a radio/wireless technician and didn't have a lot to do with the airframes on a day to day basis. Hope this helps, Bob
  7. Graham, I'm watching this build, drooling and trying to save the pennies to buy one of these now. Just a couple of little niggles, Those radios are: a) Way under scale Definitely NOT fitted to the FBVI version of the Mossie. Since you put on one of the forums about the Gee equipment I've been doing a load more searching and unfortunately can't find a definitive answer for you, however, I can send you some info on the Gee fit if you want to put it in, plus, it goes where you've put the radios. Bob A
  8. Hi Graham, Glad you got the stuff. I may risk a trip north to the Scottish Nationals this year, so hopefully will see you there.. Like yourself I build pretty much just to suit me. Ian, I said the price put me off, not that it was too expensive. Basically due to circumstances outside my control I don't have the spare capital for a £100 + kit, and as I have quite a large stash already I'm unwilling to annoy my other half no matter how much I may really want the kit. I actually think it's quite a reasonable price, especially when you consider that when Heritage originally announced a 1/24th Mossie (a couple of years ago) it was expected to be over £200. All the Best, Bob
  9. Hi Graham, That's looking real good. I'm actually quite jealous as I don't have the guts to even attempt one of these and the Mossie is one of my all time favourite aircraft. Do you go to the Scottish nationals? and if so will this be ready and present?? cheers, Bob p.s. Did you get the package?
  10. Graham, The stuff's on its way. Bob
  11. Hacker, E-mail sent. Graham, Do you still need/want those plans I mentioned to you on the discussion forum?? Bob
  12. Hi graham, This looks a real monster. I was nearly tempted but the price put me off. Just a quick one for when you are doing the cockpit. DO NOT fit the radios as provided, these are the T1154, R1155 as used in bomber command aircraft such as the Lanc, etc... The radios for ALL fighter versions of the Mossie are fitted in a radio bay in the rear fuselage and are controlled by remote control units in the cockpit. I'll photocopy some info and send it to you. The R1155 was fitted to the FBVI, but, it was also fitted in the rear fuselage, it's frequencies being preset whilst the a/c was being prepared for a sortie. All the Best, Bob A
  13. Hi Chris, I have an unwanted book here (in the UK), called Modern Military Aircraft Anatomy, technical drawings of 118 aircraft 1945 to the present day. It's yours for the cost of postage if you want it. Bob A p.s. it has both the Hunter and the Puma as cutaways.
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    Hi, Blyth, Northumberland in the good old North east of the United Kingdom. Bob A
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