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Found 14 results

  1. I told you, my resistance is low. A mere week after I received the kit, here are the first pics of my new Hurricane in the making. Following the Revell instructions, I started with the cockpit. It’s a complicated affair as per the original but nonetheless an easy assembly as long as you take care to prepare the parts prior to reaching for the glue. Paints are Gunze , AK and Tamiya lacquers. Stock instrument panel painted with bezel decals added Seat completed. Scratch-built Sutton harness from paper and tin foil Seat installed Harness painted with Vallejo acrylics Gunsight minus reflector glass installed Escape hatch interior Cockpit in situ. Closing the fuselage next. Next time: the wheel wells Thank you for looking and Happy New Year everybody! Cheers, Quang
  2. 1/48 Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk I representing P2638 of No. 274 Sqn RAF, flown by Sgt Pilot FH Dean, based at Sidi Barrani, Eqypt, July 1942. Aircraft had previously been PR Mk I P2638 of 208 Sqn, LG 39 / Burgh el Arab, Egypt, early July 1942. A short time latter P2638 was passed to 274 Sqn to serve as a fighter for a second time and was almost immediately lost, being shot down by three bf 109 F’s on the 27th July 1942. I really enjoyed this kit from beginning to end. the plastic was not too hard for me to use the rivet tool with bad hands and the clear plastic parts and the decals are some of the nicest I have ever used but there are a few things needed to be able to represent the photo of this aircraft a little better. You will note that the photo shows that P2638 has an early style radio mast, a rear view mirror, tropical cooling vents at the side of the lower cockpit (both sides) and an oil collector ring around the nose - none of which are represented in the Airfix kit. The mast was just changed as best as possible but does not look right. The oil collector ring is just fuse wire cut and bent to shape and the rear view mirror was from Quickboost. I also used Eduard Spitfire Mk Vb spares - deHalliand prop which was much thinner than what Airfix have provided as well as the Eduard early Spitfire exhausts. Also used was the Eduard canopy mask and Sutton Harness sets. The beautiful Airfix canopy was treated to some handles from the spares box. Finally I had ordered the Brengun wheel set as I have seen thinner tractor wheels compared to what Airfix provide for the tail wheel but alas when the set came along with the Quickboost rear view mirror - the packet contained something completely different to what the label advertised and so I just wanted to finish the model. A lovely little kit well deserving of a little extra love here and there. I wish I had taken the time to remove the overly raised fasteners as well as add a slight curve to the cockpit panels where they meet the wing - next time! Thanks for looking, John
  3. This is the 1/32nd Fly Hawker Hurricane Mk2C in the markings of "FM-E", of Flight Commander Gerald Stapmea Stapleton, DFC & Bar 257 (Burma) Sqn, RAF Honiley, March, 1942. The build thread can be found here. I've always loved the look of the cannon-equipped Hurricanes, very glad to have one in the collection at last. Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions and made comments during the build, much appreciated! Thanks for looking Iain
  4. Hi everyone, Being printed tomorrow is my 1/32 Rotol spinner for the Revell Mk II Spitfire kit which does not have one in the kit. It will also be perfect for the Pacific Coasts Hurricane. I am also having the spinner printed in 1/48 for the Airfix Mk I Hurricane kit if I might throw that in there. Thanks John
  5. Hello modeller friends, FLY Models caused quite a stir when they released their 1/32 Hurricane in April 2016. By a general consensus on the modelling forums, it's the best Hurricane on the market: accurate shape, good dimensions, adequate surface detail and unbeatable bang for the buck, etc… One question remains: HOW DOES IT BUILD? Strangely there are but a very few WIP's (one on this very forum) on the internet for such a popular model. Furthermore they all stopped still after a few instalments. What happened? Is there a monster glitch out there waiting for the unwary modeller? I decided to find out and share my experience with you. Before starting up, let me tell you that I've never been interested in the Hurricane as a plane and that I've never built a Hurricane in all my modelling years. That is before a friend showed me the FLY kit he just bought . I was unexplainably drawn to the box and before long I was cutting up the sprues, dry-fitting the parts … and buying the kit back from my friend. So let the build begins. First, the box with the 'meh' painting... … and the all-important documentation, excellent references I got from another friend. Most of it sadly OOP: Next episode: Dry-fitting the parts Until then, Cheers, Quang
  6. Admin/Moderators, please move to correct area if this isn't appropriate place. I’m really wondering if I need to clear out some of my stash of older kits. I know most the old Revell 1/32 kits date from the 60s and have been reissued several times AND by and large been eclipsed by far better kits. The only one I’m not sure about is the Revell Hurricane Mk I. IIRC, the molds were modified to produce the cannon equipped version Mk II. Is that right? I have fond memories of building the Corsair, P-40, P-47, Typhoon, Spitfire Mk I, Wildcat, Stuka and Zero and maybe others…and may even build the P-40 as a lark as I remember it being a decent looking model…despite being an E in AVG markings. What about the SBDs? Former Matchbox IIRC. Neither opened, but expect them to be of the same era and lacking as badly as the P-47 and P-51B. Same with the P-38J kit. Having the Trumpeter, I doubt I’ll build one and don’t need two. On the old Hasegawa and Hasegawa/Minicraft kits, they are largely of the early seventies. Are the old M-109E and Fw190s decent kits? I’m not much of a German a/c builder, though thinking these might be good projects to learn on. While improvements over the Revell kits, are they reasonable accurate or do they have major shape/fit issues? I think the 109G14 is a much later and better kit. Is that true? I found a 2002 date on it versus 60/70s on the others. How does the Zero compare to the Revell? What about the Oscar? These were is sealed clear poly bags I didn’t want to open so hard to compare. I certainly have a surplus of Hasegawa P-51Ds and will be shedding some of them. im working my way through Scalemates looking at various boxing’s and original tool dates. At the moment, nothing is for sale or trade, but some soon will be once I get educated a bit more. I acquired many of these from a good friend who was a retired USAF F-106/F-15 pilot and retired FedEx Captain. He died in a small plane crash a couple of years ago and his wife gave me all his kits which accounts for me having multiples. Nothing is up for sale or trade at the moment. I will list it here first when I decide what I'm doing with which kit and gauge if there is any market for these or if postage will be more than they are worth. I am hanging on to my new Hasegawa P-47s (3). I would appreciate your feedback. H-278 and 04781 H-296 and 04722 Both 04711 4749 and H-280 H-283 and H-279 H-295 and H282 (two) H-217 JS-060 and JS-073 JS-070 and JS-060 JS-086 x2 and (not shown 1086 x3) Both JS-060:400 JS-073 and ST18:4200
  7. I have been meaning to build this kit for a while and this group build is a great opportunity. Of WWII aircraft, the hurricane is my favourite. I have a few other projects I need to clean up before I can move onto to this, but I figured I would state my intent. Thanks for reading. Gord
  8. Going to be at the IPMS Nationals at Chattanooga? Please stop by the Toms Modelworks booth, say "hi" to Richard Harden, and see a selection of Model Monkey 3D-printed products. Yes, you can buy them from Richard! Safe travels! Model Monkey Catalog of over 2000 products for scale modelers.
  9. Fly Hurricane with Montex Masks. Plane flown by Bert Houle - Canadian Ace. Kit is unfortunately not a pleasant experience. I recommend it only to a Hurri fans.
  10. Evening all. Airfix's venerable 1/24 Hurricane has show up my LHS. Anyone built one recently and if so what would be ended to bring it up to modern standards, Thanks in advance Tim
  11. This is a nice little kit. The Belgium markings offer a nice change of pace to RAF markings and the decals settle down nicely under some Mr Mark decal fluid. I had read of some issues fitting the fuselage to the wing, but some clamping solved any problem there and the fit is actually quite good. I've been buying quite a few of these new Airfix kits and I'm quite pleased with them.
  12. This has been a nice fun cheap build. It is built straight from the box. The only things i added were basic belts cur from a brown envelope , Airscale instruments that i had laying around and a partial Aveaology sheet. I say partially as i was too heavy handed with them and ruined them. The only ones ledt were the "ZWEI" under the cockpit and the serials. The roundels are from the kit and the codes i masked and airbrushed on. Weathering has been kept to a bare minimum with only exhaust and gun stains airbrushed on. Took just over a week and the actual kit was only 25 quid , so its been a great build. So much less stress than adding extra detail. Mosquito and Spitfire next for the 1/24 collection!
  13. These were two of the finest kits i have ever built. They are beautiful kits. They are both built straight from the box with the exeption of belts in the hurricane. The undersides and earth were airbrushed but the green was brush painted. That was a pain. The Tamiya paints airbrush beautifully , but not so good on the brush painting side i n my experience. I wish i could take better photos , they really dont do the complete models justice. My only small bugbear was the undercarriage on the spitfire. They could have been mounted better. Cue the Battle of Britain music!
  14. Some pics of the aircraft exhibits preserved in the Aviation museum at ta' Qali airfield at Malta.
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