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Found 22 results

  1. If you followed my last project and some of the issues I had with that, you may recall a comment I made about trying something easier, like a Z-M kit. You thought I was joking??? So here's what I hope will be my belated contribution to this GB, and I'm now hoping I can finish it in time. Since I got my Z-M Dornier 335 completed in four months, I'm hoping that this will be finished in that time frame or less too. I haven't done a thing on it yet, and this photo is one I took back when the model was released over a year ago. Wish me luck . Cheers, Michael PS. I don't plan on using the kit decals. This will be a different plane from the one depicted in the kit.
  2. My next project will be Zoukei Mura's Henschel Hs-129, which will be my first Z-M kit. I also have a little of Z-M's aftermarket, to enhance the cockpit a bit more. I've done nothing so far on it, except study the instructions, open the box and scratch my head a bit. The box contains a heap of parts, molded in a delightful shade of babypoo, but the parts at least look well molded. It will be interesting to see how it all fits together. Perhaps the colour of the plastic may help as I'll be building this pretty much O O B, except for the etch parts shown above. At this moment, I'm also not planning any enhancement of the engine detail, such as spark plug leads, as I haven't a clue about this. The engines and propellers were French and not built in large numbers by the scale of WW2, so right now, I'm still doing a bit of research to see what I can add, if anything. More in a while. I'm looking forward to see what others will bring to this GB too. I'm hoping to see a bit of variety here. Cheers, Michael
  3. This is going to be my next project. A large scale Tank fighter... a Ta 152H-0, which I will be backdating from the Z-M Ta152H-1 kit. I am planning on utilizing a few upgrades including: 1. Henri Daehne Ta 152H-1 Resin Prop and Spinner 2. RB Productions Ta 152H Photoetch Cockpit set 3. Zoukei-Mura Photoetch Exterior Set 4. Zoukei-Mura Photoetch Landing Flaps 5. Zoukei-Mura Metal Legs The subject will be White 7, which has the W.Nr. of 150007. It was Ta152H-0 converted from the prototype designated CW+CG. I also have some other photos and a nice color profile of White 7 in Thomas Hitchcock's Ta152 book. I tried source a set of H-0 wings and was unsuccessful so I will have to do the modifications manually, which I believe are restricted to the wing bottoms. This will be my first large scale Z-M kit. I've heard many good things about the unique mindset that Z-M uses in designing model kits and it will be interesting to see how if fits with my no-panels-open approach to building. The instructions look like a vintage pilot's manual and offers a combination of rendered drawings and photographs... very unique! This particular boxing, which was the only Ta152H kit available at the time, is based on an anime series but includes everything in the original H-1 release including a full sheet of decals. The decals seem to be well printed and include decals for the instrument panel and the cockpit side panels. There is a smaller decal sheet with the anime-specific markings, if you want to go that route. Also included are what appear to be pre-cut canopy masks. I'll be taking a look at the kit sprues and some aftermarket goodies next.
  4. Well my Ki-45 is finally finished. It was a really nice build, with the only real trouble caused by my own hand, by not masking the rear section between the rear gunners hatch and far rear glass. Other than that, the kit has a LOT of parts in it, near enough to make a whole other model if certain other parts were acquired. The most amazing thing about the kit was the fit. Overall, it was really excellent, but especially so for such a complex large model. The results really came together at the end, despite my best efforts to the contrary. Thanks to all those who followed along though all the trials and tribulations. Cheers and I hope you enjoy! Next round, closer up shots: Still more....................
  5. Hi guys, Ho 229 is finally done. It was for me the most relaxing and straightforward build so far. Here you can find WIP thread Aftermarket used: HGW seatbelts PE Interior and airbrake set Resin wheels Metal machine guns I have added just some wires in cockpit and engines, and made new antena everything painted with Mr. Paint stuff Fit is great, instructions with logical steps and this made it real simple enjoyable build. Only minor complain is related to decals which are too thick, and even heavy coats of Mr. Super clear didn't help Well, I'm big fan of ZM concept and already looking forward to build Do 335 two seater Thanks for looking and any comments are welcome jan more will follow jan
  6. OK I have a very poor showing with completed WIP's, but this kit is very good, I wanted to share some info and pics as I build it. Here are some shots of the engine mid stream in construction. TA-152 Engine by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr TA-152 Engine by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr TA-152 Engine by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr
  7. Hello all, OK my 1st in-progress build here, I just love the ZM concept and of course the kits! Here are a few shots of the engine dry fitted onto the frame. Sorry for the cell phone pic, I'll shoot more on a proper background. Parts of the model have been shot with primer to check seams etc....so it looks a little messy! Other than following kit directions I haven't added anything yet, but I did drill out the bolt holes on the upper frame. ZM 2 by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr ZM 3 by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr ZM 1 by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr Thanks for looking, Ryan
  8. Hi guys, let me present my recently finished Hs-129 from ZM Great kit with nice details It was straightforward OOB build, I have added HGW seatbelts and some wires only Painted with MRP and finished with MIG and AMMO wetahering stuff Works in progress thread here Thanks for looking jan
  9. I've just started the Zoukei Mura Ki-45 second release--the short nose versions. I've loved almost every ZM build I've done (this is my fifth)--the instructions are the absolute best in the hobby (yes, better than WNW and Tamiya), with just two to maybe five parts added per step, and copious illustrations and photos from every relevant angle. That's why their kit instructions are books, packed with information, and the care and dedication that went into creating them is so evident. I do have a couple of wishes: color recommendations for more than just Vallejo and Mr Color, and more than two marking choices. In fact, I need to decide soon which version--the Ki-45 Kai Ko or the Ki-45 Hei--I will choose. Both are pretty appealing! So far I've completed the first stage, the engine assemblies. This went very smoothly, with the exception of adding the carburetor post (E26+E27) to part E-4 (auxiliary equipment). The mounting point is just that: a point, so very fragile. In fact, I broke the posts for both engines and had to reattach them. I recommend holding off on attaching the carburetor and carburetor post until step 3-1G, when the assembly is attached to the back of the engine firewall mounting, part E-16 and J-8. This will allow a more solid contact. Anyway, two photos to start: Cheers, Tom
  10. Hi guys, let me present my recently finished Toryu. I didn't go any extra mile with it and having build it mostly OOB. Except some parts from sprue N (missing in my package) which I have scratchbuild and insignia painting masks. Overall it's superb kit and pure joy and fun to build it! When I compare it to Do-335 and Ho-229 kits, I think it's better and more friendly to build, just because they have included grey plastic together with the clear one. The undercarriage doen't need any replacmenet because the way how the main legs are moulded together with spars provides enough strength. Fit was generally great, there were some minor issues with fit of wind shield, front part of fuselage and engine covers, but this could be caused by myself What I didn't like was that there are no masks for inner side of canopy and that top center fuselage piece has small windows molded separately which makes no sense to me. Im already looking forward to next releases of Toryu, I will build another one in future for sure And hopefully we will get some AM for it soon. Resin wheels, instrument panel and fabric seatbelts should be enough IMHO Works in progress thread here Thanks for looking jan
  11. Have started this new great model from ZM I plan to build it OOB and to play with weathering a little so far I have to confirm that it's pure fun to put it together Im building late armored version in dark green finish the manual - I like this ZM style so much My package doesn't contain sprue N but have 3 sprues M instead. I don't want to wait for replacement and will try to scratch all missing parts. Should be easy engines parts painted and shaded, ready for weathering. Did'n pu much energy into this because it will be mostly hidden central part of the wing fuselage parts scratched some small missing parts from sprue N thanks for looking jan
  12. Or has it slipped in under the radar? I'm not pulling the trigger on this one as I have the other one. Zoukei-Mura Ki-45 Nick (Super Wing Series No. 14)
  13. After reading K2's review of the kit and the thread about it, I decided to do something silly and start mine. The only thing that made this feasible is that I've manages to finish two of the four Spitfires that were on my bench. I've been working on it for about a week now and have to sy that I'm enjoying the build immensely. No inital box shot as I jumped in too quickly and the contents one would have been messy as I picked the kit up second hand and a lot of the parts had been removdd from their sprues. So, I actually started where the instructions said to and that's with the cockpit. I'm using HGW belts on the build as i prefer them to the moulded on ones. These were an older set which means you have to cut them apart yourself. A bit more extra work but at least they were cheaper.
  14. Hi guys I finally managed to finish Anteater nice kit of interesting plane - quite simple to build, no issues at all painted with Mr. Color, Alclad II and Mr. Paint, weathering done with MIG prod. and AMMO of Mig Jimenez stuff. AM used: ZM interior designed for two-seater ZM metal antenna and pitot tube Eduard Brassin main wheels Eduard exterior you can find WIP thread here thanks for looking and any comments are welcome jan
  15. Hi guys, While finishing Uhu I started to work on this one . Big thanks to our member Juraj (Trak-Tor) who was so kind and picked up one for me in Telford and arranged the transportation to my place. I know that one-seat versions have been on the market for some time now, but I was looking forward to the two-seater version. It looks somehow more interesting to me. I expect it to be straightforward and simple build. I plan to skip all inner details that will not be visible after finishing. I have some extras, and will use everything that will give better or more detail. Box is full of sprues. All main parts are from clear plastic which is little tricky to work with, but after my Ho 229 I know what to expect (lot of painting from inner side). You have 2 instructions, 2 decal sheets printed by Cartograf and 2 canopy masks. I'm still waiting for G Factor legs (hopefully somewhere over Atlantic currently ). And will add HGW seatbelts as must have and metal pitot tube from ZM As the only printed reference material I have Airframe and Miniature by Waliant Wings, which is IMHO great book with superb photos As for version designation, I plan to build W/Nrs. 240112 which should be A-10 instead of A-12 according to Airframe data. Version A-12 was conversion based on version B-6 (differences: Jumo 213 engines instead of DB603, different engine intakes location, larger front wheel). Based on this evidence kit depicts the A-10 (conversion based on A-1 / A-0). And I like the idea (based on Airframe evidence) to finish undersides in natural metal instead of light blue as recommended by the manufacturer. I will post first in progress photos soon thanks for looking jan
  16. Hi guys, Was looking for some simple build alongside with my HPH Fw 189 build to keep my motivation high Ho 229 is one interesting plane and IMHO ZM guys put significant effort to give us this superb kit. I will add some AM as well: HGW seatbelts PE Interior and airbrake set Resin wheels Metal machine guns Metal struts this will be more concstruction related build with quite simple painting and just some subtle weathering at the end. some work done on engines this was quite challenge to clean all seam lines from 2 main frame parts Thanks for looking jan
  17. Not sure if it's been posted already but ZM has just put up the box art for their first FW 190 release. They're starting with an A-3. It's a Facebook link but hopefully someone more computer savvy can find a better link/image. https://m.facebook.com/volksusascale/photos/a.1544538429141110.1073741829.1542972425964377 Carl
  18. Nobody builds Focke-Wulfs around here anymore or what ? Oh wait, Ernie does! And Paul knows he wants to. Lades and Gentleman, Aloud me please to introduce you a new mini-group-build based talent and foolish dedication to the subject by Ernie, Paul and Me. Ta-152H-1 kit is venerable plastic from ZoukeiMura. walk-around for H-0
  19. Hi folks, for those who are in Telford, this is not a surprise anymore, but for me it was. See what comes next from ZM. http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Telford2016/AT/4.html http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Telford2016/AT/5.html http://zoukeimura.co.jp/en/sentiment/oyajiblog_089.html This time two new airplanes from only ONE producer. I ask myself whitch German aircraft would be a better seller, the He 129 or the Me 410 instead? same for the Japanese aircrat, the Ki-45 or the Nakajima J1N Gekko? BTW, what about the Fw 190, any news! Regards Ralph
  20. Hi guys, this was my summer project originaly planned for 2 months, but it took me more than 4 months to finish it. you can find WIP thread here kit: ZM A-1J + ZM weapon set 2 AM: Aires cockpit Videoaviation Wheel Chocks USAF Videoaviation MJ-1 bomb loader (early) Videoaviation Fire extinguisher HGW RBF stripes Overall nice build with no major fit issues. Painted with Mr. Paint and GSI C colors. Weathered with AMMO stuff (different panel line wash, some filters, streaking grime, fresh engine oil, black and airfield dust pigments). Seatbelts made from HGW material, antenna from EZ line . I have decided to finish it as airframe number 142058 (1972 configuration), because I just wanted to depict A-1J, with which Mr. Hukee flew at least once. I´m quite happy with results although I made several errors, the most visible are insignias which should not be at this particular airframe. Definitely l like USAF Spads with SEA camuflage, my favourite looks of A-1. thanks for looking, hope you like it jan thanks for looking jan
  21. Hi guys, time to start another build. Was thinking about some real combat aircraft, so this one will be my first summer project. I bought this set for half the retail price (Aires A-1H cockpit included as well). My plan is to do fully loaded USAF Sandy with fire extinguisher and MJ1-A loader on the scene. Some words regarding the kit. Its truly amazing, full of parts. I didnt find lot of evidence (only 1 full review) of this second issue A-1 kit from ZM. Main difference between this one and earlier A-1H issue is, that you get all parts from the first one + new parts to cover A-1J differences, you get A-1H manual + new one just to cover A-1J option and 2 decals sheets (USN and USAF). So you can build even Navy bird out of it. The most important is that its made only from 1 type of gray plastic, so I think that this one is definitelly better choice, if you are looking for ZM Skyraider kit. I plan not to spend lot of time with not visible interior stuff. Will use only interior elements which are important in terms of the strength of the whole. I will focus on cockpit details, wheel bays, engine and overall clean build. The most important will be paint job and quite heavy weathering. And yes, weapons Will use Gunze C and H paints, and for the first time will try Mr. Paint stuff for the camuflage (I saw here in the forum some evidence of great results achieved with it) here we go... first - cockpit Aires interior and comparison of details resin vs plastic In the beginning I wanted to use original part and decal for instrument panel, but after comparison with the photos, I decided to go with PE one thanks for looking and any comments or advices are welcome. jan
  22. Just noticed that Volks USA is now taking re-orders for the new Ho 229 kit: http://volksusastore.com/scale/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=2686 They cost $152 each, and shipping for two to New England ran me an additional $17.98. D
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