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  1. How about a 1/32 E-2C Hawkeye! Well overdue.
  2. As far as I know the Raidens had a prototype of each version, i.e. m1,m2.m3.m4.m5,m6. To build the J2M1 prototype the cowl flaps have to be seriously modified as well as a few smaller details. You might check out the Mushroom modeler book on the Raiden as it has some of the best info on all the versions. Hope this helps.
  3. Check out the Kagero book called "Baptism of fire" it has condor decals for 1/32 Ju87b but with a bit of creativity can be used on the Anton.
  4. Accually he said one of these aircraft would be produced and then took a poll of the crowd. The F-4 won the poll.
  5. This kit before black friday had "our price" of $211.00. Ok I ordered this kit on black friday and it was priced at $234.00 "our price" and I got it for 1/2 price ($117.00) by ordering over $500.00. Now "our price" is $152.00 and on sale 35% off and is $99.94 with out having to buy $500.00. It is like playing the stock market so no more fun and games for me.
  6. E-2C Hawkeye EF-111 E-2C Hawkeye MiG-9 E-2C Hawkeye MiG-25 E-2C Hawkeye Ta-152 Moskito E-2C Hawkeye Kamov Ka-50 heli
  7. 1/32nd scale E-2C Hawkeye please, my life would be complete then.
  8. Woo hoo! Now bring on the E2-C Hawkeye! My 1/32nd scale carrier is almostr done.
  9. I pick them based on how many new techniques I can demo and materials. Different kits offer different opportunities. I might try a jet sometime.
  10. Hello from Maus Werx! Just finished the "how to build" six DVD set on the Hasegawa 1/32nd P-40E and am looking for ideas on my next DVD set. I am working on the Zouki Mura Skyraider but what should be next? Already did the Fw-190A6 also. Thanks for your input. Maus Werx www.mauswerx.com
  11. Our new DVD set on "How to build the P-40E in 1/32nd Scale" is finally ready for sale. It has over 6 hours of content on 6 discs and many extras including rare video footage. It is featured in captured Japanese markings. Please visit our site and tell us you saw us on LSP! Thanks www.mauswerx.com
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