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  1. Just got off the phone with Royal Mail.... apparently the parcel has not been on a flight. it is still in Istanbul! what the actual.....? I'm now going with this is lost! Emailed Jetmads to see what the next step is....
  2. You are kidding? mine hasn't moved since it left Turkey!!!!!
  3. I'm going for something a little different from the "standard" camo. Subtle but different all the same. Top one of the two.
  4. Superb progress Sophie and particularly timely as i am currently building the HK version of this very beast. HK have thought about the nose weight issue ahead of time as they have included a weight that fits perfectly inside the front engine halves with a second that sits neatly behind the engine firewall and in front of the cockpit tub. The detail in the HK kit is obviously less than the ZM offering but that said the fit is superb. Rather than take the limelight off your build ill likely post photos of the finished article on completion. P.S I too have gone with RLM 02 wheelbays and bomb bay after i started colouring with RLM 66. dont ask me why.
  5. Mark, that is superb! im intrigued as to how you are going about the camo painting, i thought the masking sets were complicated enought but this is next level. It looks superb.!
  6. Don't hold your breath Pete! I was told thousands of parcels arrive at Heathrow on a daily basis, it may be some time before it gets scanned and appears on our tracking system". WTF! Really? Iv'e had another package sent from Prague arrival in 3 days by DHL! Definitely not Jetmads fault but I can certainly see now how Tigger Wilkes's copy ended up destroyed.... Zero movement apparently in 10 days!
  7. Confession time. I have NEVER, no not NEVER!, built a 109. This kit I feel will change that particular status as far as i'm concerned. It looks lovely.
  8. Dispatched 13th Nov, apparently sat waiting for sorting according to our beloved Post Office. May be a while!
  9. Lovely work GIl, I enjoyed the kit when i built mine. Your certainly doing it justice.
  10. Saw the update on FB so thought I would come here and sing your praises! Lovely stuff matey. Will be a most impressive beastie when finished.
  11. Stratospheric modelling going on here, how did I miss this? incredible stuff, keep going!
  12. I think your right however its a "check your references" situation as there are pictures of grand slam aircraft with full camo and greay undersides and the "usual" scheme i.e black undersides. Personally I will be going with the former.
  13. Yes it will. The trailer was displayed at Telford with the Tallboy bomb and there is plenty of room, besides the H trailer was used to shunt the grand Slam around.
  14. And dont forget, Graham at Iconicair has the beautiful H trolley and Fordson tractor to go with it. http://www.iconicair.com/
  15. I have to say, I disagree a little with Chance's view of what Telford was. There was of course less of everything, certainly from the International participants, traders and manufacturers, point of view simply because of the hoops they have to Jump through to get here (Covid not Brexit.) Given the circumstances I think what we got was the best event possible and IMPS UK need to be applauded. One situation I was made aware of and that I had not considered is that if a manufacturer brings products into the UK they may have to pay import duty and VAT, something that they do not get back if kits remain unsold so this may cause companies like HPH or Eduard for example, to consider their position which straight away reduces the number of stands. I'm not saying that this will absolutely be the case but it may have an effect. Kotare had a virtual Q and A event where a QR code is scanned which put you in direct contact with staff members who were up at Midnight NZ time having a bbq on the beach and chatting to Telford attendees. Builders have been busy during Lockdown with and extremely high quality if not smaller, competition area, in fact I felt modellers had been busy across the board. Telford had the distinct flavour of starting up again and to compare this years event with any of the previous years would, in my opinion, be foolish in the circumstances. One significant development is around display tables. In an effort to recoup some costs, the organisers have avoided putting ticket prices up, or in fact increasing the charges for traders stands instead choosing to apply a charge to table space. Each club or sig will be given a 6ft x 4 ft space for free with each subsequent 6 ft table costing an additional £5.00. so for our usual 18Ft it will cost us £20.00 not an issue because I feel its worth it. Finally and above anything else, I got the sense that folks are just happy that something took place even though it was a small step towards "Normality"
  16. 5 (i think) wins of various accolades Maru. Peter might be along later to clarify!
  17. Don't see many of these about. So there you go a few highlights
  18. Next Up Peters Lovely Fury! Its NOT an LSP but as if anyone needed inspiration...... Back to the 1/32 Continued
  19. I've finally sat down in front of the puter after a REALLY busy weekend. So nice to chat to Juraj and Radu amongst many others. the show had a feel of almost starting up again and as has already been highlighted, had a more relaxed vibe with plenty of time to admire the views. Personally, I felt that during this awful pandemic, folks have made the most of it and been busy producing some new stuff for display. I genuinely got the feeling that despite the reduction in numbers the hobby is alive and well and has in fact increased in popularity. Peter from Airscale in particular has been busy "throwing together" a Hawker Fury which was entered into the competition and although it wasn't crowned champion, It had to be extracted from underneath a pile of paperwork after the judging. The LSP stand had a lot of interest with Mikes digital Flankers attracting a lot of attention, as well as his formation liberator. Roll on 2022. Here's a few of the Large scale highlights that caught my eye. Oh and Kevin was there too In spirit at least. Lovely Costal Command Liberator with 3d printed add ons! Continued
  20. When I get 5 mins I’ll post a couple of images of some of the LSP stuff. It looks like folks have been busy during the various lockdown periods.
  21. Good grief man, many of us im sure would just have lost heart and consigned the kit to the shelf of doom but in your case, lovely save. well done!
  22. Either way this is going to be a stunner.... I think it was only to be expected that the kit would need to beaten into submission as its effectively a multi media kit. the only thing missing is photo etch. I say that, is there any included in the kit?
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