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  1. Nice to see you back at it Bryan! Outstanding as always buddy. Your WIP threads are a work of art as well.
  2. Spot On! Looks just like a Battle Weary Viper!
  3. Very well done Sir, Stunning paintwork!
  4. Very Nice work Sir, A complete mask set would be fantastic! Good luck!!!
  5. Hello, Thanks for the awesome comment! Apologies for the late reply, As far as I know this nozzle is long gone, I believe they used to be available on eBay, A close friend of mine had one in his spare parts bin and was kind enough to send it my way. Maybe you can send Pete Fleischmann a private message he was the gentleman who hooked me up with it!
  6. Outstanding collection Chris! Hard to pick a favorite, they're all very nice buddy!
  7. Nice work Chris, paint looks silky smooth! It'll pop when ya start putting stickers on it!
  8. I took the F-16I Sufa kit and backdated it to a D model block 30 I'd be willing to say that you could build a D version right out the box. I chose to graft a large mouth intake from the Tamiya C/J kit to mine! Made a world of difference over the kit intake. If your building a small mouth intake subject (NSI) Zacto models has ya covered there! As far as markings, you pretty much just have to cobble something together. I chose to build mine with markings from the 178th FW. Decal sheet was from TwoBobs and, I got lucky and cobbled the serial number and fiscal year from the the decals supplied in the Sufa kit. Looks pretty nice next to my Tamiya C model
  9. Awesome build red Dog! One of my all time favorite Viper builds, Can't tell you how many times I went to your build thread while tackling my Academy project!
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