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  1. 7 hours ago, PHBIO said:

    Miroslav, sorry  but blue borders of the HGW US insigna seems "flashy" on screen.

    I know this color depends on date (red.... mixed blue.... insigna blue).

    I saw this following colorized photo on net.


    Is HGW sure of its choice ?

    It's just a question, great work + perfect weathering = incredible master piece. one more !


    The problem is the printer. The blue edges are more pronounced, but it distorts the photo a lot. It is necessary to adjust them a bit with a filter.


    6 hours ago, tomg said:



    Not a nitpic - just a question . . . 


    What sources informed the choice of an aluminum prop hub?


    Asking because I want to do the same subject in 1:48.

    In the photo, the center is lighter than the propeller blades. That's why I chose the silver color.

  2. Thanks all!

    1 hour ago, Nikola Topalov said:

    What a beautiful bird! Brilliant work. Well done man!


    One comment on one detail if I may - whouldn't the tyres be dusty on their contact surface on that kind of ground? Looks a bit odd to my eye like this. Not trying to split hairs, just an observation.


    Again, beautiful model!




    Thanks. When the final base is done, I'll use the same dust on the wheels to make it consistent.

  3. 16 hours ago, PeterOlsen said:

    Very nice job Miloslav ! I can’t seem to find any of the black box cockpits for this kit anywhere. I guess since they came out around 2005 they’ve all been sold out. Did you get your cockpit on Ebay or have you had it in your stash for a while? Even the Eduard P.E for this kit is hard to come by now.

    Congratulations again on your build.




    Thanks all!


    I bought the Black Box set on ebay, about five years ago. I also have a copy of it, but only the side panels and seats. The rest is just a slightly added part of the kit.
    I can have Eduard Pe Parts produced, but I have to have at least 4 -6 buyers, because there is a minimum purchase.

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