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    Fooesboy reacted to The Madhatter in Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project   
    hey everyone
    I took some time today to make use of the awesome daylight we've had here to get some more detailed shots of where I am up to right now. I'll have some more time to myself this week as the wife and child are heading off to see her family before Xmas before I go up to Brisbane to join them later. I hope to be able to use that time constructively
    So yeah, the last set of photos didn't really convey what I'd actually done, and here's hoping these ones tell a better story
    Well, that's it for now, but as always, thanks for stopping by and having a look
    Till next time
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    Fooesboy reacted to The Madhatter in Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project   
    Thanks Chris!
    Quick update while I wait for my work meeting to kick off. I took some pics last night of one of many test fits of the front sidewalls and upper and lower hull plates. I have to keep adding the walls and plates together to make sure the detailing I've added tot he underside of the edge on the top plate and again on the bottom plate don't interfere with the details on the sidewalls etc. Its very time consuming but it'll all look pretty cool once its together.
    Excuse the not so great photos. I promise next time they will be clearer
    Well, that's all I have for now, but once the front wall is done, I'll take a photo of the kit standard VS what I've done side by side so you can see the difference some extra details can make
    Well I have to go back to work but as always, thanks for stopping by and having a look
    Till next time!
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    Fooesboy reacted to Out2gtcha in F7F-3 Tigercat - BuNo 80405 - VMF 312 MCAS - El Toro, CA 1946   
    Thanks all!  
    Yes, this one by far and away has been blowing my mind with regard to how its supposed to go together.  Its really tough on my OCD, as NOTHING "pops" or "snaps" into place, and everything is just a bit off here or there, requiring guestimations, scratch building and loads of cursing. Combine that with flubs in manufacturing from the factory, and instructions that really are images only, and even then don't always show how or where exactly things are supposed to go. 
    Its maddening at times honestly, and if the F7F was not my all time favorite aircraft, Im not sure Id persevere on this one. 
    I'll NOT be giving up on this one however..........as at some point next year, I WILL have a finished 1/32nd scale F7F Tigercat!!
    On a good note however, the latest factory flub in the kit (engine bearer brace being WAY too short) I think has been fixed, and that has lead to (hopefully) one of the last major "how-the-hell-am-I-going-to-do-this" moments of the kit:
    I managed to cut open the port side engine bearer brace that was too short and add some styrene tubing to that, sanding it down to fit over the internal wire. From there, I used some larger aluminum tube for the bearer bases. Its not perfect by ANY means, but after about two hours of drilling holes in the wrong spot, cutting the new brace open a couple times, because the angles didnt match up to the starboard side, I had a pair of somewhat matching engine bearers:


    You can see the styrene tubing extensions on the back and front of the outer port brace. In retrospect, it wasn't off by a mm or two but more like 5 or 6mm. Enough to where it should have been VERY noticeable it was not the same as the other 3:

    This then will lead me to building the rest of the engine mounts which consist of two V shaped upper side parts, two V shaped lower side parts and a front hoop that the engine will rest on. Getting these last engine bearer parts assembled will be one of the last really tough parts to do.  You can see what the finished bearer is supposed to look like once all parts are glued on in the lower left side of the instruction book:

    There was a very nice build of an HpH Tigercat by a Czech gentleman that has helped me considerably. I have used his build pics quite a bit to help me understand where things actually are supposed to go. Here you can see how the front engine bearer "hoop" must align just forward of the firewall itself, in order to have the engine where it needs to be inside the cowl:
    Forward engine mount and firewall:

    As you can see here, the engine mound hoop is JUST barely smaller than the opening in the firewall:

    With this being said, theoretically when all 4 of the outer engine bearer parts are put together correctly, they come together at a single point at the top and sides (the bottom has a space in-between the braces unlike the top and sides). That seems WAY easier said than done with the inconsistencies of the resin parts in the kit. 
    You can see here in the Czech gents build, how the firewall must be blended with the nacelle exhaust cutouts. The firewall then protrudes off of the nacelle by 4 or 5mm;

    This leads to the main issue with the engine hoop. The nacelles themselves need to remain separate until all the internal wheel well detail is added, BUT the engine bearers need to be build before the nacelles can be installed..........yet you NEED the nacelle installed with the firewall installed on it, to make sure the engine bearer hoop will like up correctly with the hole in the firewall.
    You can see here how the engine bearer hoop must align exactly with the hole in the firewall, and also must protrude ever so slightly (about the thickness of the hoop itself) in order to get the engine seated where it needs to be in the cowl:

    Im really looking forward to figuring out this issue, as once I DO do that, The rest of the difficult parts will be things like the landing gear, and clear parts, but those I dont think will take NEARLY the mental fortitude that all of the rest has taken to this point. 
    Man, this kit really makes you want it bad if you are going to see it all the way to completion!! 
    Ive got the fire in me for this one boys, so Im going to utilize that feeling to press on through the crappy parts of the build, then onto the good stuff, like detailing and painting.
    Cheers until you older! 
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    Fooesboy reacted to reserve_22 in Fokker DVII WNW   
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    Fooesboy reacted to sandbagger in 1:32 scale - Nieuport N.28C1   
    Hi all,
    Apart from the propeller, all of the decals have now been applied.
    Undersides using ‘Aviattic’ aged varnish CDL (ATT32094) over base colours.
    Top surfaces 'Aviattic' Linen Weave Effect (ATT32236) over base colours.
    Individual marking from the ‘SuperScale’ WW1 Nieuport 28C-1 (MS320243) set.
    Final sealing coat of 'Alclad' Light Sheen (ALC-311) lacquer.
    Now I'll need apply weathering before adding details, such as the retaining strap for the engine cowl and ring supports for the front of the machine gun cooling jackets.
    Then it'll be pre-rigging and start the construction,










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    Fooesboy reacted to sandbagger in 1:32 scale - Nieuport N.28C1   
    Hi all,
    I've made a start on the painting phase.
    The undersides of the wings would have the faint shadows from the leading edge fairings, wing ribs, rear spar and cross bracing wires.
    The upper surfaces hardly at all as they were brush painted with coloured dopes.
    I thought this time, I'd try representing these shadows with a slightly different technique.
    I airbrushed the undersides with 'AK Interactive' white primer, which was required for when I apply the 'Aviattic' clear CDL decals.
    Then I over sprayed a light coat of 'Tamiya' Smoke (X19).
    I scanned the internal structure of both with and rescaled the scans to the correct side.
    Then coloured the structure with contrasting colours and saved them as JPG files.
    These were uploaded into my 'Cricut' Explore Air 2 crafters cutter and the parts not required were deleted.
    I then cut the masks using 'Artool' Ultra Mask sheets.
    These were placed onto the wings with the parts not required removed.
    A light coat of the white primer was airbrushed and then the masks removed.
    The bracing wires were drawn on the wings using a pencil.
    Finally a light, blend coat of the white was airbrushed to blend everything.
    The surfaces still need to be gloss coated before the CDL decals are applied,









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    Fooesboy reacted to The Madhatter in Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project   
    thanks guys
    Thought I would show you where I'm heading with this. Got some good basic structure work done and am now working on the larger details before moving in to do the finer stuff. There are some casting holes here and there and will need covering etc which will be done with details. Most of this will unlikely to be seen but it's better to be safe than sorry and have visibly empty spots of nothing
    Anyways, that's it for now, but thanks for looking
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    Fooesboy reacted to panzerrob in Another 1/16 Jagdtiger   
    Hi all,
    I would like to start a WIP of my Wecohe 1/16 Jagdtiger.
    Wecohe produced high end 1/16 models for the RC market (Sturmtiger, Jagdtiger and Panther), unfortunately they ceased productions a few years ago.
    Luckily I was able to buy the last remainig kits, although I am missing a few items.
    Everything on this kit is true to scale, the hull has the correct length, and the white plates which make up the upper hull are all scale thickness.
    This sounds nice, but is a real pain in the #ss, it takes time (and a sh*tload of white dust) to file/sand the correct angles so that all the plates fit into eachother.
    I started with preparing the lower hull, only to find out that I missed 2 Torsion bar stays for the suspension. I ordered them in the UK, and am waiting for them to arrrive.
    So I started with priming the Tamiya roadwheels, sprocket- and idlerwheels, schwingarms and 2 parts of the upper hull frontside:

    Next was the construction of the rear plate, and idlerwheel axle:

    Followed by the basic construction of the upper hull:

    Then I decided to attach also the front and right hull side, and started with weldinglines, made with 2 component putty:

    Then, while still waiting I started for the torsion bar stays, I started with the Gunbarrel travel lock:

    I am pretty happy with the result, as the whole travel lock is fully functional!
    I hope you find this start of my Jagdtiger build interesting, and stay tuned for more updates!
    With regards,
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    Fooesboy reacted to cbk57 in DeAgostini Millennium Falcon 1/1 scale, updated 11/8   
    Here are some photos as it comes into final forms.  I have made some creative decisions as if you have to make a tough choice here.  If you are trying to replicate the studio scale prop, it has a lot of features that never show up in the movie.  For example along the sides there are extensive use of weathering materials that resemble rust effects.  Also the Satellite dish area looks totally different from what is replicated in the model.  Also the prop is fairly clean.  There is little panel lining, there are subtle streaking effects and some basic washes.  Now when you go back and watch Empire Strikes Back the look is totally different.  The falcon in the movie is just filthy.  The sides are just loaded with soot and very dark dirt effects.  Also in the movie scenes the set designers loved leaking hydraulic fluid.  You look at anything where there are hydraulics like the entry ramp and there is leaking fluid everywhere.  The thing is filthy in the movie.  
    I in the end went more for the movie look.  I rewatched the movie and the rust effects don't seem to ever show up or make any sense.  When you see the movie prop it looks fire enough back that I think the movie close ups should influence the look more.  So here you go:
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    Fooesboy reacted to The Madhatter in Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project   
    Hi everyone
    Thought I would update this quickly while I had some spare time. As I have said previously, I have made a good start on the base. Most of my time has been spent making casts but I have actually cemented stuff together. The main service trench has been made and I am now making the lower level details. I've tried to make it look under construction but I think I may have made it also look like it's destroyed. Not sure which yet.naturally, there will be some lighting in amongst all this to give it more life.
    I've quite enjoying making the base so far and if it goes like what's in my head, then this will be awesome. Maybe even better than the ship? Too early to say but here's where I am at currently:
    Well, that's it for now but once I'll update again once I have something worthwhile showing
    As always, thanks for stopping by and having a look
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    Fooesboy reacted to fozzy in THE FINAL HURDLE!... 1:20 scale scratch built B17G   
    So here it is all finished........





    ...and up on it's frame......







    As I said ....really had a lot of fun with this generator build!....excuse the amount of photos!
    Onwards ever onwards!....to getting the tail wheel assembly built......till then
    Cheers once again for looking in!
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    Fooesboy reacted to ShelbyGT500 in MI-24 V BG Air Force Trumpeter 1/35   
    And start with painting - first 1500 black primer, light shades with deck-tan and white. After - paint some places with original two tone of green camo, sealed with varnish.
    Some hair sprey covered those areas and start painting the "tank" colors. Some chipping of different zones and places, continue with other shades of those colors.
    When all was ready - sealed with clear and start with decals-work. Over them I sprayed some smoke to shade again some of the panels and details:







    Some additional touches





    Ohhh guys, I'm so sorry for the background with the Mi-26, but this my other project waiting to build the base for it. Sorry ones again.
    So that is for now, hope you are all OK, stay safe, eat great food and dring sweeet beeeer
    Cheers friends
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    Fooesboy reacted to ShelbyGT500 in MI-24 V BG Air Force Trumpeter 1/35   
    Thanks guys
    Now continue with some weathered burnt paint over the half-wings:


    Cheers friends
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    Fooesboy reacted to The Madhatter in Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project   
    I was lucky to get some free time this afternoon, so I took some pictures of where I am currently up to
    I have been working on this as well as the Batmobile and have actually got quite a bit done. I have cemented my base plans and I'll show you a picture later on of what I have in mind. So, I have been casting multiple copies of my very expensive 3D printed DS tile ready to layout on the sheet and that has consumed a fair amount of time so far, but TBH, it's not hard to mix up a batch of resin  and make a copy while waiting for the spuds to cook or what have you.
    The surface detailing is coming along nicely. The main concentrations have been finished and now its just time to fill it out and then crack on with the side walls (what I have also started but not got very far with)
    And this is rough layout of how the base is going to go:
    Well, that's it for this update, but the next one will likely be the completion of the lower hull and more work on the base
    As always, thanks for continually coming in here and having a look
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    Fooesboy reacted to The Madhatter in Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project   
    While I wait for my new 3D printed tile to arrive, I have been quietly working away on the ship and have finally finished one side. Now I just need to start the other side....
    Trying to get a shuffle on this one as I want it done for Expo next year (providing its on of course)
    Well, that's it for now, but as always, thanks for looking!
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    Fooesboy reacted to cbk57 in DeAgostini Millennium Falcon 1/1 scale, updated 11/8   
    Oh it is confusing.  I was doing some more digging because actually I am almost done with it and am trying to figure out the weathering.  The internals would not fit in the real thing if it were real.  The engines did not exist on film until The last Jedi and other than blue light did not show in earlier movies.  The movie sets and the prop are substantialy different.  The original model from A New Hope is a lot more detailed and was 5 feet across.  
    Life is a lot easier when dealing with modeling reality.  It is harder in it's own way.  You have more freedom in some ways with Science Fiction but you have new complexities also.  That is the problem when you are not dealing with reality but a movie and whether you are replicating a prop, or a set or some other thing.  I am only scratching the surface of this insanity.  My son is far more fanatical about Star Wars than I understands the various concepts of what is cannon and what is not as far as official stories and so on.  
    Finally keep in mind there is no "official Mellinium Falcon" it is a composite of what we think it was and the various states it existed in movies from Prop, to Set to CGI.  
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    Fooesboy reacted to monthebiff in 1/12 Tamiya Honda RC213V Casey Stoner test Motegi 2015   
    A little more progress on this project with all of the fairings/aero stuff painted and decaled.

    The decals performed flawlessly and settled down really well. Really nice colour density and no silvering. They need sealing in and then a matte coat misting over. 
    Regards. Andy 
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    Fooesboy reacted to cbk57 in DeAgostini Millennium Falcon 1/1 scale, updated 11/8   
    Starting this weekend I am reviving this thread, I have been photographing all the way and she is almost done.  So this will become a fast foreword build thread.  I hope you enjoy and am bumping this up so I can quickly find the thread and hopefully tonight I will start getting photos up.  
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    Fooesboy reacted to chrish in Tamiya 1:12 Yamaha YZF-R1M   
    I started this 2 days ago and like a good book, I couldn't put it down! This is my first bike model but definitely not my last (Tamiya) bike!
    This is Tamiya's 1:12 Yamaha YZF-R1M. It's out of the box with the only "improvement" being drilling out the brake rotor vents.
    Definitely a recommended kit.
    There are a few WIP pics on my computer but I only put these ones on tonight. It's painted with Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics and Tamiya and Alclad lacquers.



    Thanks for looking
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    Fooesboy reacted to chrish in Tamiya 1:12 Yamaha YZF-R1M   
    Completed. Like every Tamiya kit the fit is impeccable, I had a bit of trouble (nothing new for me) with the decals but after using Micro set/sol,  Mr. Mark set, Solvaset with no real effect, I remembered I had Tamiya mark fit "strong"...well, these being Tamiya decals and Tamiya mark fit I gave that a go and it worked...some Tamiya magic in there I guess.




    Thanks for looking
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    Fooesboy reacted to chrish in Tamiya 1:12 Yamaha YZF-R1M   
    and done;

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    Fooesboy reacted to Pascal in Ferrari 250 Bertone GT, scale 1/18   
    And finally, the update of today :
    I applied a lot of putty to the F-40's, while the putty is hardening I did some work on this 250 Bertone.
    The way this model is designed, the windows are never gonna fit properly : you have to glue a PE border to the clear plastic and glue that to the body. No way this is gonna give a good result.
    So after much head scratching I came up with a solution that might work : I'll use a 2 x 2 mm plastic H-profile that I will glue to the body. This will replace the PE border and give the clear plastic something to fit into (at least that's the theory) :

    I started by removing the resin A-pilar :

    And replaced this with a strip of brass :

    Made a trench in the inside of the body so that it can be fixed securely :

    Dryfit with the side windows, yes we might be on to something :

    I'll keep the PE border for the side windows, the H-profile will be used for the windscreen and rear window, dryfit :


    It will take a lot of work to carve a little ledge in the resin for the H-profile to be glued to. This ledge has to be about 0,5 mm wider then the H-profile because I'm thinking of gluing a 0,5 mm black cable on the outside of the H-profile. We'll see if that works.
    Did some work on the interior, a couple more parts and this will be done :

    I made it as strong as possible so I can be pressed into the body, dryfit :

    Looking pretty good :


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    Fooesboy reacted to Juggernut in 1/32 Meng Dr. I sprue photos - close ups. Very photo heavy   
    Ok, we know what the sprues look like overall and in some cases, I think we have some detail shots.  This is primarily for those who may be interested and those who have not yet acquired the kit. I have taken photos of all the plastic sprues in the kit and selected detail shots of most of the plastic parts on those sprues.  I am not that knowledgeable about the  WWI/Dr.I/F.1 so I'll let the photos speak for themselves and you all can discuss the finer points of what you see in these photos.  Without further adoo......
    Wing details:








    Above: Middle wing underside...rib stitching is not concave as I remember seeing in the Roden kit.





    Note the ejector pin marks in the above image...I don't think these will present a problem.











    Dr. I horizontal tail

    Dr. I rudder

    Dr. I wheels


    I think the following images are for the F.I (sprue F)





    I think this is a Dr. I sprue (below)










    Last but not least, the clear parts

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    Fooesboy reacted to The Madhatter in Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project   
    Hello once again everyone. It's been few months since this was last updated and sorry to say, I haven't done as much as you might hope I had, but I have finished off the top section - well, mostly. I still have the SMD's to add for the trench spot lighting but in regards to detailing, that's all done
    So here is the top section shown as finished. I added some of the bits that sort of frame some of the lines to balance it out. You'll catch my drift if you look at the last picture in the previous update and look to the left of the ship and you can see some chips that run down the mid-section in a line toward the front. They have been replicated on the other side to make it right.
    That was a lot of explaining for something so trivial, so I shall move on and let the pics do the talking:






    Its pretty much the same on the other side. I might yet bulk some of the rear section out some more but I need to see how the side walls go on first. I do need to sort out that section at the very back of the ship - looking at these reminded me about it
    The bottom hull has also been started. I made the very foolish mistake of gluing the nose to the body in a hurry to install the hangar bay. This in hindsight was very silly. I has also located glue marks and other blemishes on there and I am not happy about it. I do not know when or how they got there but I also realised I forgot to grind down the old hangar surrounds and it has created a gap where there shouldn't be and now I have to fix and live with my decision to install when I did.
    Still, none of this is unfix-able and I will fix it as much as I can accordingly. I just wish I hadn't created this unnecessary work for myself is all


    Well, that's all I have for now, but I will be back again soon enough. As always, thanks for stopping in and having a look
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    Fooesboy reacted to Bstarr3 in Tamiya 1/48 F-14A, Trans-sonic with vapor cone   
    I started a WIP thread on this one, but ran out of initiative to keep up with posting photos. First a couple shots of the finished kit. Mission Models paint and kit decals for VF-84 CAG. Modified to be displayed in flight. 

    Then the magic part: chicken wire and cotton wool to build a vapor cone as the ship transits the sound barrier. It doesn't look exactly like the reference photos, but I'm really pleased with how it came out! Comments and criticisms welcome. Thanks for looking! 

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