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    Fooesboy reacted to spacewolf in Droids, droids, droids !!   
    Beauty shots.. funny how the grey shade changes depending on the light source.. the base was simple white and gloss black.

    I was really pleased at how the kit came out... but our poor trooper is even more confused...

    So... this was done in a huge rush to have ready for a contest in Edmonton this past weekend... and I was quite astonished at how the droids were received...


    Needless to say I was happy as well as amazed.
    So while these kits need some work they make up into great looking models and can be winners on the contest table. Mix in a few Bandai SW figures and you could make some neat diorama's or vignettes.
    Thanks all for looking in and commenting !!
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    Fooesboy reacted to airscale in 1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"   
    evening folks
    had a few days off so here we go again
    Craig - those pictures are incredible - I mean truly incredible! thank you so much, there are many, many details I can now see, not least of which id that aluminium stamping - I won't be going that far though.... had I known I might have done some decals, but the thought of all that carrier film decals probably wouldn't work - rub down would, but as far as I can tell from when I did my Spitfire they are VERY expensive to have made..
    ..I think the light alloy piant stuff is some sort of anti corrosion - I likely won't be doing that either..
    one thing has me baffled.. this is not period is it?


    ..I think I can see 'Garmin' on one of them so I assume it's some modern bit of kit - it's sure not in the manual (nor are the fittings..)
    so, the Instrument Panel coaming - something looking so simple is anything but... - lets take a look..

    complex shape that forms to an angular shape around the IP, see those air vents - there are 4 - two at the sides for the side windows, two at the front for the windshield - also there are two handholds, and a big rubber tube / impact strip along the front edge to protect the pilot...
    ..more on those vents & hand holds..

    ..this is version 4 of my vacfrom mould - it needs to fit the IP and fit in the windshield glazing almost touching at all points so has taken a while to get right..

    ..I pulled a copy in black plastic for no other reason than it was all I had in the right thickness... all the bits & bobs were fashioned from plastic from the drawings - the vents from card with a strip of litho & rod fittings, the hand holds, plunge moulded... at the back are two holes for a landing gear down light and a reset button..


    ..painted bronze green & detailed - the rubber is heat shrink tube, slit, kinked to get a flat and coaxed into shape, the gunsight mount is PE and the two holes have been filled with their bits from my box of watch spares..



    ..and dry fitted


    ..I also made up all the innards for the windshield, including the armoured glass mount (it will be two bits of glass laminated but hopefully will work..) and some inner framing I will cut to fit - the Xtracolour enamel I used is still drying - seems to be 12+ hours so I don't know if it's the levelling thinner I used or what, but I will have to wait until tomorrow to carry on
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    Fooesboy reacted to spacewolf in Droids, droids, droids !!   
    So with most of the work on the head done I'm pretty happy with it..


    Still some fiddly work to do but not bad at all methinks....

    That's it for this time.. thanks for looking in and commenting.
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    Fooesboy reacted to airscale in 1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"   
    Hi folks
    been a while - it's got to a really tough bit of the build...
    that is really interesting & a bit worrying Kevin ... I guess I will just have to see what happens - the etch is nickel silver so i guess they may react one day - fingers crossed I get lucky
    so, what's been happening...
    I got the cockpit pod assembled in a jig and got it in the airframe...


    ..the external sidewalls of the fuselage have also been added & faired in..
    ..I wanted to get the rear window area sorted so I started by making a plug for vacforming but once I had a go with my usual dismal success at vacforming PETG (I get distortion etc) I realised the curves are not compound really so I just bent some sheet in boing water and made a slit along the top rear edge so I could pinch it in a bit to get the upper profile..
    ..the windows were then set out and the covering removed - I had an etched template I did that matches the framing I also had done as these are really difficult to do freehand..
    ..also made the inner skins and the front former which were painted black on the outside & green on the inside..

    ..then added to the interior (carefully!) - the seam doesn't matter as it will be covered, and the little metal brace at the back is so far down the fuselage it cannot be seen..

    ..there are some gubbins on the roof of this area so these were made up in metal & plastic and wired up..


    ..then as I was about to add the assembly and fair it all in, I thought I had better get the front windshield fuselage area done as if there is any sanding, all the dust will get in the rear cockpit and I will never get it out..
    ..I had drawings - you can see the windshield drops down each side of the upper curve of the fuselage and actually the armoured glass panel goes right through this area..

    ..I made up templates as there is so much three dimensional geometry going on it is really (and I mean really) difficult to fabricate..
    ..one shows where the IP coaming is in relation to the windsheild, the long one is just the overall upper profile with a vertical where the rear of the front windshield is..

    ..I made up many more templates and plugs for moulding the windshield & coaming - I also spent days trying to figure out why things were not lining up before I realised the top of the fuselage was very lop-sided so the half-round template is to correct that..

    ..one of the coaming vacforms - this is wrong but each tester gets me closer... one thing I am struggling with is on many cockpit pics the panel does not look set back very far, but every factory drawing has it set quite deep - it has to be deep as that is where the panel goes in the cockpit pod, but it is a bit of optical trickery I am struggling with..

    ..so some overall shots of the mock-up windshield and the rear glazed area - once I get the plug for the windshield I will probably just plunge mould PETG panels in boiling water as this completely preserves the optical clarity and assemble individual panels to make it up..
    lots and lots of fettling & thinking to be done in this bit...




    ..back when I have some meaningful progress
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    Fooesboy reacted to The Madhatter in Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project   
    hi guys
    Well, time for another update. Not sure how many more I'll do for a while as I may take a break from this, but not just yet.
    I keep looking at how much I've done versus how much is left to do and I start shaking inwardly. Definitely a long term build.
    As you can see, I have made a start on the port side. I've installed the mini hangars and they look alright. I tried to dial down the brightness but may need to do more.







    And something I haven't shown you yet - a lighting test of the rear engines:

    Well, that's it for now but as always, thanks for sticking around and having a look
    Till next time
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    Fooesboy reacted to seiran01 in WNW 1/32 Dr 1 Triplane   
    These are the options shown on the announcement in chattanooga (must assume the usual five schemes in the kit). I’m told the schemes could change between now and release. Jasta 5 Dr.1 yummy.


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    Fooesboy reacted to Darren Howie in WNW 1/32 Dr 1 Triplane   
    Great news all around except for my bank account!
    Other great news We wont have to listen to guys saying Wingnut will never do a DR1 anymore!
    And finally the guys who love the Roden DR1 so much that they dont want a Wingnut one(more like 6) will have a lifetime supply of them on Ebay going for 10 bucks each.
    Everyone is happy today! 
    Thanks Wingnut!
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    Fooesboy reacted to spacewolf in Jedha City..... the kit build   
    Thanks for sharing the journey with me and to those who are going to get one of these I simply can't wait to see what you do !!
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    Fooesboy reacted to spacewolf in Droids, droids, droids !!   
    With that little trick out of the way it was on to edging, filling and touch ups...

    A good set of files and some fine sand paper works wonders..

    The lighted 'eye'... this is what the lump of resin looked like... just won't do !!

    A bit of sanding and a drill bit cleaned things up nicely...

    simple fix.... twist tie wire wrapped around drill bits

    and a bit of superglue.. works a treat !

    So there ya go... having fun and working towards a unique model. More in a few days !!
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    Fooesboy reacted to Gewehr 43 in 1/35 AFV Club T-34/85 (full interior)   
    Thanks!  I'm humbled.  No one's ever used masterpiece in the same sentence as my models.  Thank you very much.  :)
    Paint is done.  Now it's on to weathering proper.  Once she's done, I'll take proper pictures, but for now, my phone will have to do.

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    Fooesboy reacted to The Madhatter in Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project   
    Hi again
    Thought I'd share some pics of the successful lighting test of the hangar bay. I'm very happy with how it's come out. The light's aren't too strong which is good.

    Not far from finishing the top section. The windows have all been drilled out and is now ready for the fun task of installing the fiber. Joy
    Thanks for looking
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    Fooesboy reacted to The Madhatter in Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project   
    Continuing along now with the painting and installation of the main hangar bay. It's been drilled out in places for lights and I'm waiting on delivery of my LED tape



    I've also started on the top layer of the superstructure - or wedding cake as it has been referred to by others.
    Test fitting of the neck shows there could be some issues ahead, but nothing insurmountable







    Anyway, that's the end of this update but I will post more pics soon enough
    Thanks for looking
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    Fooesboy reacted to steinerman in 1:200 USS Missouri Build Log - Trumpeter w/ Pontos Detail Sets   
    Hi Guys,
    It's me again.  I must be crazy as a loon for starting two build logs at the same time, but I figured that hey, since I'm building both models at  the same time, why not?  Besides, I've been working on my USS Missouri since the fall of 2015 and I have a lot of catching up to do here.  Luckily, I've been posting tons of pictures of my progress on my model warship forum so I'm able to pick out some of the more interesting ones to post here.
    After I sold my Scarab, I was itching to build another big boat.  What I really wanted to do was to build a 1/4 scale model of a Chris-Craft barrel back and power it with a weed-eater gas engine. I still may do that someday - if I live long enough, but now I'd power it with an electric motor.  They've come a long way in the past few years.
    But then I happened to run across Trumpeter's big model of this battleship, and when I started investigating and found that there was oodles of detail add-on's I was hooked.  No, I didn't get enough for my Scarab to offset the cost of all this, but hey, as I told my wife, it keeps me out of the bars, right?  So, after I ordered the ship itself, the Pontos Detail-Up set, the Pontos Advanced Detail set, the Eduard Big Ed set, and a set of 1:96 plans from the Floating Drydock, I had very close to a thousand bucks tied up in this model.  And that doesn't include all the random miscellaneous stuff like paint at $4.75 for 1/2 oz, glue, tape, and so on.  Damn well better take my time and do it right, huh?
    The box this monster came in is huge!  46 inches long and weighs about 15 pounds.  And once you open it up it's overwhelming; 4 boxes marked A-D plus the hull and the larger superstructure pieces.  The box says there are 1573 pieces, which I have no reason to doubt, plus 13 frets of photo-etch and a 44 page assembly manual.  This is definitely NOT some kid's plastic toy boat!


    As you can see from the picture below, the front 8" of the hull are separate pieces that are glued on.  I'm told that this is because of some limitation of the box length and it would have cost lots more to make it longer.  The overall length of the ship is 53", or 1347mm for those of you who are smarter that us idiots here in the US!  Why we still use a measuring system based on the length of some king's shoulder to the tip of his middle finger is beyond me!

    Now, if that isn't daunting enough, I opened the Pontos Detail-Up set for this ship and was blown away again.   18 frets of PE; 297 turned brass parts; adhesive backed actual wood decking for all deck surfaces, and 12 11x17" pages of instructions.  Now, those of you who haven't had the pleasure of trying to figure out Pontos' instructions, let me tell you - they leave a LOT to be desired!

    Boy, this is like Christmas time, right?  Next we have the Pontos Advanced Add-On set with even more goodies.

    The main reason I bought this additional kit was for the brass screws and also for the Veterans Models 40mm Quad Bofors gun platforms.  They are so much more detailed that the ones that came with the ship that there simply is no comparison.  Also, since I planned on making this ship as detailed as possible, the fire suppression valves also a nice addition.  And, in addition to all this was 11 more sheets of PE from Eduard.  A lot of this was duplicates, but the Eduard set did have quite a few pieces of PE that were not in the Pontos set, nor the PE with the ship itself.
    Once had all the goodies and had established a decent work space with a new light, a new Opto-visor (more$$$) and a new set of tweezers, I started to work.  From the other modelers on the model warship site, I knew that the most boring and tedious job was making the 50 20mm Oerlikon AA guns, the 20 40mm Quad Bofors, and the 10 5" gun turrets.  After these, the rest was fun - so they said!  So, I started out making the 20mm Oerlikon AA guns, and they were right - it was boring.  Each one of the 50 little bastards contained 11 brass parts and they all had to be assembled and painted individually.  The picture below shows 25 of them and for comparison, I've placed a dime next to them. (A dime is about 18mm.) Let me tell ya, by the time I finished these little buggers, I was beginning to wonder whether I was cut out for this after all!

    But, after a break of a few days, I refilled my wine glass and set out to tackle the 20 40mm Quad Bofors platforms.  These were even more intricate than the Oerlikons, with 7 resin pieces and 28 brass pieces in each one.  With a lot of help from each other on the model warship forum, we finally finished them and after they were all completed, we sat back and said "Damn, those look nice!"  And they do!  Especially since they are located in such prominent places on the ship, their detail really sets the ship off.

    You can't see it from these pictures, but on top of each of the 4 cannons there is a magazine of 5 brass shells which have their tips painted red with 1 green (a tracer).

    OK, I think this is enough for now.  The nest post will continue with more of the major sub-assemblies.  Each one is like a little kit in itself.
    Take care, Gents, and thanks for looking!  And Happy Father's Day to all you hard working Dads out there!
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    Fooesboy reacted to mywifehatesmodels in First Armor In 15...er..16 Years! Cyber-Hobby's 1/35 T-34 Mod. 1940: FINISHED!   
    OK, I'm calling this one done. I was almost afraid to look at the date of the last post in this thread, but.....life happens.
    The tracks were very difficult for me. It's been far too long and I think I could have spaced the drive/idler wheels differently and it would have helped to get the track spacing right. Next time I'll pay closer attention to that and hopefully not work myself into a corner. Aside from that, everything else went fairly well. For the remaining equipment, I decided to leave the large tool/equipment boxes off the sides of the hull. Many of the photos I was able to find show these boxes to be missing and other items are often attached. I used the kit's tow cable ends, but replaced the middles with cables I made from wire. The log was the result of digging through my brush/burn pile for some candidate sticks. I also used extremely small twigs to make a bundling of kindling wood. The rolled tarp was from my spares and I made it years ago from facial tissue and painted it. I added the straps from the PE set. All along the build process, I was adding oils and pastels here and there and worked some silver pencil chips into a few spots, as well.  Everything was sealed with a final coat of flat lacquer.
    Even with it's many warts (pretty much all my own fault), it's still probably the best looking tank model I"ve ever built, finish-wise and it was refreshing to get back to some armor after all these years! Thanks for all of your encouragement!

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    Fooesboy reacted to 109 in Junkers D.1 from WNW   
    Good evening good sirs!
    I actually did some work – mainly weathering – on my Junk! Still WIP but coming slowly to an end ... :-)





    That´s it for now.
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    Fooesboy got a reaction from rafju in Revell 1/32 Bf109G-10 Erla   
    Thanks for putting together such a great thread John, I have enjoyed every bit. (The 109 looks great too!)
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    Fooesboy reacted to DeanKB in New Modelling Den   
    Here's a graph of my stash accumulation:

    I sell, then I end up buying. Then I sell, then I end up buying. Ad infinitum.
    It's my destiny in life, there's no point me fighting it.
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    Fooesboy got a reaction from Out2gtcha in Jedha city   
    Shut up and take my money! 
    How do I order one without being on Facebook?
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    Fooesboy got a reaction from spacewolf in Jedha city   
    Shut up and take my money! 
    How do I order one without being on Facebook?
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    Fooesboy reacted to spacewolf in Jedha city   
    Thanks everyone for the kind comments !  Guys... I just gotta do this... I have news....
    OMG !! It's really happening !!!! 
    I got the first pics of the castings.... This will be on the table at Wonderfest !!




    And the first look at the projected  box cover.. a pic of the finished and painted city is coming from another modeler.

    Jimi said it will go for $50 US...
    I'm just boggled at being part of this.
    (excuse me while I go pinch myself)

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    Fooesboy reacted to spacewolf in Jedha city   
    And finally.. the SD view...

    This has been a blast ! Thanks to all who looked in, commented and offered advice/ thoughts. It was great having you all along. Jimi has told me that this will be unveiled at Wonderfest !! I'm stunned that something I had a hand in will be at the show !
    If anyone is interested contact him directly on facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/JPG-Productions-276298122480883/
    I have a different project in the wings.. give me a week or two and there will be more madness for those brave (or nuts) enough to check it out !
    Till then, keep sniffin glue !!
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    Fooesboy reacted to spacewolf in Jedha city   
    And finally... the last buildings in place...


    In primer...



    Now to finish off the walls and the mountain. If all goes well, beauty shots next week !!
    Thanks for looking in !!
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    Fooesboy reacted to KitmodellerNZ in Rapid Black Basing... using a Scotch Brite   
    IMO, airbrushing a squiggle pattern randomly over a kit still looks too uniform, regardless of how ‘random’ you try to make it.
    … And it takes too bloody long on a large kit such as a 1/32 Ju-88!
    Enter the Scotch Brite masking technique which came about after I had been looking at pro airbrushing stencils online and thinking there must be a cheaper way. 
    Firstly some prep is required before using your Scotch Brite. Because these types of pads are dense, you must prepare them by tearing, pulling and reducing the thickness by tearing them in half carefully along their horizontal axis. 
    Here is an example of the Scotch Brite in action on Revell’s 1/32 Ju-88.
    Airbrushing Tamiya XF-54 Neutral Grey through a Scotch Brite;

    I completed the entire underside in approximately 40 minutes. The result;

    Close up;

    I applied further mistings of neutral grey to reduce the contrast;


    Where possible, I mix my own colours with Tamiya Acrylics mixed with 50% Tamiya Lacquer Thinner.
    For RLM 65 I mixed up equal parts of XF-23 and XF-2 thinned as per above. In the airbrush cup I added this mix and then added the same amount of thinner to make it highly diluted. This allows the topcoat to be built up gradually. This makes it hard to overdo it and destroy the effect if you get heavy handed with the trigger.
    The result so far;

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    Fooesboy reacted to Wackyracer in Ticket to nowhere - He162 departing   
    New little sideline project whilst waiting for paint to dry/things to arrive on the Liberator.




    Spent the afternoon assembling the railway gondola to check the He162 fitted!

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    Fooesboy reacted to spacewolf in Jedha city   
    More added each day... trying to build different style temples to go with the wide variety of 'faiths' that permeated the ' Holy City'....

    I felt that there should be a street or two that merged into a broad avenue for parades and religious processions ....so the buildings had to form that...

    Wrapping around the temple mount...

    And finally a beauty shot looking across the city...

    I was getting bogged down so when Jimi suggested again we add some of the mountain top I was ready for a change.. so off to the model shop I went for milliput..... Tune in next week to see what silliness I'm hoping to get into !!
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