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  1. Then getting close to the end. I rigged up a power supply and presto let there be light! Regretfully the lights in the fuselage have failed. So I need to get to the bottom of the problem. Might have to dig around in the bomb bay to find the reason. I'm currently working on the engine nacelle panels. With all the rebuilding there are a few gaps that need filling. Nothing serious though. Hope you liked my marathon update. But it was 4 months work which has been interrupted by my daughter moving out and my son and me making our mans cave for model buil
  2. Now a few pics with both wings functional!
  3. Next the joints were nearly closed on top!
  4. Then the wing joints were built. Had a few problems here and two of the hinges broke. Fixed now though! Weapons mounted to see what they look like. All with magnets. Probably around 44+ magnets built into the wings.
  5. Next the engines where built no customizing. Just plenty of paint work. Still need some filling here!
  6. Then I got down fitting the wing tips with plenty of magnets and made all armory interchangeable.
  7. Next was the fitting of the canopy! Lucky everything inside is still visible. Canopy frame was hand painted. Took a while but I'm pleased with it.
  8. Hello all, back again. Lots been happening recently and I have to admit I didn't find the time to update my post. So lots of pics coming now and not so many comments! I installed LEDs in the undercarriage for the nice atmosphere. I know its not original but thought it looks good!
  9. Hi Harvey, Hi Rocky, glad you like it. But I do have to be honest I'm glad I don't have two of these on the shelf at the moment. Later perhaps, Cheers, Mike
  10. Hi, can you imagine the pleasure when the baby stands on its own feet. Not much to say in this round the engine nacelles have been put in the wings and now the Mossie can stand on its own two feet. The rear wheel has also been put in place together with e new mud guard "Cant see much as its inside the tail". Nothing else to say really only that the lamps in the nacelles will be connected in the next few days. Hope you like it. Cheers, Mike PS: Disappointing but the monster doesn't fit in my photo booth anymore.
  11. Hi Anthony, Hi Harvey, no need to feel guilty. If I had the Tamiya or HK Model and hadn't got so far I think the only thing that would stop me from abandoning the Airfix would be my greed and not wanting to waste an investment. On the other hand the Airfix does give lots of opportunities for improvements which I might then miss. A goody which is to come is that I have again placed an LED in the Wheels Bays, jut for the fun of it and the impression they make when the room is darkened and the lights are on. It looks brilliant, although it is not quite scale. As soon as they're in
  12. Hi, long time no updates, but now the program is rolling again. @Anthony: Glad you liked the Dads Army bit. Unit 12 Undercarriage, This being part of the Engine Nacelles means I'm keeping to the planned schedule. At least that's what I like to think. The Airfix kit really misses lot of details. And it has been quit challenging. Starting with the Engine Bulkhead in the Nacelles there are missing structural details. Looking at the wheels it is also disappointing to think that the Airfix Mossie apparently has no brakes, so all the hydraulics needed to be appended. Bit of elect
  13. "One For the Road" Modular building of this Mossie caused a need for a small project to be inserted. As I need to put the Mossie away for a while due to lack of room for my hobby, our balcony is being renovated and the flowers need to come in, I decided to put everything into the glass cabinet. Then it dawned on me and I discovered I had a problem. Where do I put the bits that are currently not in use? I decided to call Mr. Mainwaring of the Home Guard and he said that he would ask Walker if he could find a Bomb Trolley. After three weeks he called back and said he had found one and wo
  14. Hi Anthony, sorry for not replying earlier, but I have had a few problems with the Mossie this time. The bomb bay doors now close and the hydraulics work (by hand) as well. Nevertheless the doors needed a bit of extra adapting to fit and it seems as if the hydraulic cylinders in the kit are a little out of proportion. I used PE hinges from ABER which are normaly used in model cars. They work fine but I needed to reduce the number from 8 to 4 so as to make it a little easier. The side wall can also be removed to give ease of access to the bomb bay for changing the interior. I'll probab
  15. Brilliant Work, highly motivating. Wish I had seen it earlier!......... Cheers, Mike
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