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  1. Very Nice ! Always been a huge fan of Robotech
  2. Here is another example. But this one was around the Italian war scenario. Junkers Ju 88 A-6 1./(F)123 (4U+SH) after a recon mission flown by Ofw. Bach Perugia, ItalThis Junkers Ju 88A-6 from 1.(F)123 flown by Ofw. Bach was being flown on a reconnaissance mission over the Mediterranean when it was chased by Allied fighters. During his escape he flew so low to the water that the propellers struck the water and shattered. Fortunately the wooden propellers broke evenly which allowed the engines to keep running and Bach made it back to his base in Perugia at a some what reduced speed. It's an amazing photo.
  3. I know what picture your taking about. But its an Junkers 88 bomber
  4. Top gun 2 will be the Super Hornet Tom Cruise shares this picture on his twitter account
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