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  1. Just little more patience and i will post pictures and we will all see whether it was worth the effort.
  2. The MiG-29A cockpit for the Revell kit is available again from my web site.
  3. To give you guys some hope for a better MiG-29. In search for the right shape.. Still a lots if work to be done, including a new canopy + the grills and etc. Just want to keep you posted.
  4. The first casting batch is over. There will be new castings shortly and I will inform you when the cockpit becomes available again.
  5. I know it sounds as an expensive set, but still I will try to offer an alternative to all of us to have a correct and good looking MiG-29. So I am preparing a MIg-29 A front section, starting from the wing's leading edges. It will alow you to convert the widely available ate the moment Revell MiG-29 UB in a single seater or drasticly improve the single seater you already posses. It will be offered as exclusive product and casted to order. I want a good MiG for myself and if you are happy with the look of it I don't mind offering it to you as well. Next week I hope to show you something material, not 3D.
  6. Finally it's done and your Fulcrums can get some treatment. You can order it on my new site www.coldwarstudio.com or send me a PM. There you can see the details. Here is a brief description. This is a highly detailed cockpit set for the Revell's MiG-29 A kit. It consists of 55 resin parts including flexible resin, 55 PE parts, transparent film, color instrument prints, paper seat belts in two colors - gray and black and vinyl masks for the canopy. The package comes with a mini CD with building instructions and over 30 walkaround photos of the real MiG-29 cockpit. You also get a MiG-29 pilot badge.
  7. Test fitting of the seat belts. In the set there will be two colors - gray and black. The color of the gray ones will be slightly darker in the release.
  8. To keep the story short. I have one bad news and a good one. The first is that we are behind schedule a bit again. The good one is that it fits great in the model and looks like a MiG-29 cockpit. just a little more patience. I want it out as well but I also want to deliver a top quality product which this type of plane deserves and you as customers. This is a very quick assembly to asses the fit. Most of the parts are not wvwn glued. Hope you like it.
  9. Thank you for the possitive comments. Most of the questions you have will be answered very soon. It can be used on the modified fuselage. As far as the wheelbays are concerned I am working on them and will try to make them as real as possible. There is one more thing which will be reveiled very soon.
  10. Just a quick update. The first few castings arrived today and this is what you will get in the package. The PE will need some refinement. I hope to be able to ship starting March 4. More and better pictures I will post in a day or two. Now I have to assemble it and make pictures for the instructions. Thank you for waiting so long and as a compliment each will get the MiG-29 badge which is on the picture.
  11. There will be a UB cockpit as well. And something else to help the Fulcrum builders which will be reveiled soon.
  12. It has been very long time since my last post but all this goes tomorrow morning to the resin caster except for the canopy frame which will follow in few days. The PE set did not make it this week so I will show it next week.
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