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  1. I must say the iranians have some cool aircraft in their air force. Im planning to build av 1/32 Iranian F-5F myself with the cool camoscheme. Nice build mate.
  2. This kit has just become a MUST have!! It will be the most sought after and infamous plastic model ever, and eventually maybe even worth a few dollars ....
  3. Thank you. Do you know if they had invasion-stripes?
  4. I am looking for information about the paint scheme and markings for Mosquito RS576 W of 235 squadron RAF as it appeared in march 1945. https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/164397
  5. I really want this on in israeli markings. Beautiful kit and ac.
  6. But are the 3D cockpit decal set better than painting the cockpit?
  7. We really need an aftermarket cockpit for the Trumpeter Super Hornet.
  8. Hi Dave. What do you think of releasing some paintmasks for the Hobbyboss 1/18 AV-8B Harrier II?
  9. Maybe we should contact Jetmads and ask them to package their shipments better?
  10. I find it a bit strange that no major model manufacturer have released a new tool F-16AM in 1/32. They would sell a ton of it.
  11. Im in for two of these, but then i need decals for the norwergian F-16...
  12. Im thinking of building F4-01. Lovely grey/white scheme.
  13. I pre-ordered it from Luckymodel as well................................
  14. Good news. Ive been looking for an F for a while.
  15. What kind of glue are you guys recomending for this kit?
  16. But they havent released the F-16AM in 1/32!!
  17. Fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!! I want all 12!!! :-)
  18. When is the next round of orders for this kit?
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