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  1. I for one would buy plastic versions of the Me410 and Ta154, the resin versions of which I already have...
  2. I watched this film recently and was interested to see the Bf 110 that 'Septic', the main character shoots down, is a 'G' variant. In one shot a radar pole is clearly visible on the nose. The film was released in 1952, and I was wondering if anyone might know about this aircraft? Could it be the one that now resides in the RAF Museum at Hendon? The film is well worth a watch, if like me, you like Hurricanes : ))
  3. I have the Me410, which is one of my favourite subjects, very nice kit. It has always puzzled me why HpH chose the version that they did rather than the version with the BK5 cannon?
  4. Regarding the sabotage of slave labour built machinery; during the rebuild of the Maybach engine for Bruce Compton's ( 'Combat Dealers' ) Panther tank, it was found that one of the intake or exhaust valves had a bevelled relief machined into the stem, which would have caused catastrophic failure when the end snapped off.
  5. Thanks for the interest and replies Tony, I'll keep waiting : ))
  6. Hi Tony, thanks, yes I saw that link and posted it in the original post, but having heard about this kit some time ago I was suspicious that perhaps the magazine series never got past issue 7?
  7. Apparently offered by De Agostini as a monthly series build. Has anyone ever seen one in reality? For some unknown reason I have a fascination with this aeroplane, and would would be keen to build a 32nd version. Here are two links from the net, from what I can gather there are 24 issues, but only 7 available? http://mavzolhobby.com/store/deagostini/legend-aviation-scale-132/
  8. Thank you for the great photos! Pardon my ignorance, but why did the RAF clip the blades?
  9. Beautiful, love the paint finish!
  10. Received my sets safely John, first impression; there's a lot of it! Thank you once again for doing this, best regards.
  11. Both sets ordered, "Happy Christmas to me!"
  12. Thank you for the replies! I like the look of that PCM kit, I will have to invest in one!
  13. Pardon my ignorance, but is there, or has there ever been, a conversion available in 1/32 for the Hurricane prototype? Such an attractive aeroplane.
  14. Many years ago there was a Belgian ( I believe ) TV series that featured Thunderflashes. I cannot remember the name of the series unfortunately....
  15. I do wonder about the marketing policy/ strategy at some of the kit manufacturers. In the case of the 110, would it not have been a better idea to release the most successful/ popular 'G' variant first, recoup the investment, make a profit and then release the lesser more obscure versions? Someone mentioned the HPH 410, which is a beautiful kit, but would they not have sold more if they had started with the version with the big cannon on it?
  16. Maybe if enough of us start building our old Revell 'G's it may tempt fate that someone actually makes a nice new version! MDC make some very nice Daimler Benz engines suitable for this, and as mentioned in a previous thread, the Tasman models vac-formed canopy is beautiful.
  17. I just received a couple of the Tasman canopies ( from Jays Hobby Products in New Zealand ) and they are very very nice. They do feature the small dome at the top rear of the canopy. Whoever it is who makes Falcon canopies has some serious skill.
  18. Thank you Hans, for the info regarding the Tasman canopy. I have one of these Revell 'G's, for which I have already spent a small fortune on buying aftermarket parts. I've still not found the courage to actually start building it though! As possibly my favourite Luftwaffe subject, I would spend another fortune buying multiple amounts should someone be kind enough to release a decent modern version
  19. I forgot to add one to my wish list; a Focke-Wulf 187 would look great in 32nd
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