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    BradG reacted to kkarlsen in Friedrichshafen FF.33 L - German Navy Zeebrügge   
    So the next step will be the 'dreaded' naval hex camouflage...

    I suspect the FF.33L later batches being some of the first to be camouflaged with it?

    As I understand some of the Naval Hex patterns were 'painted' on in the beginning.

    This photo seems to support that, looking closely at the pattern there is not only a difference in direction but also a
    difference in size of the pattern. I believe the naval hex fabric was used on the fuselage and the wings Hex Pattern
    painted on on top of the previous color? At least that's the theory

    This 'pattern' has obviously given me some 'headache' but luckily Lukasz Sznajder has come to the 'rescue' and
    offered me some assistance, printing hex patterns in different sizes, and I am looking forward to be trying them out on this built.

    Cheers: Kent
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    BradG reacted to kkarlsen in Friedrichshafen FF.33 L - German Navy Zeebrügge   
    A little progress on the built:


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    BradG reacted to JimRice in Am I Too Late for Training Day Group Build :) ICM Stearman N2S-3 Build   
    Haven't updated in a week simply because I haven't gotten much done...  A couple of days ago, I did get the failed U.S.NAVY markings sanded down and repainted the rear half yellow.   I'm giving the yellow several days to dry before I try masking again.  I've cut many additional masks with less force and slower speed on the Silhouette Cameo and achieved better results.

    In the meantime, I'm knocking out an old Testors/Hawk F8F-2 Bearcat just for fun.  Pretty much SOB and replicating one I built as a kid and had up until a few years ago when it met an untimely ending.  I needed something for fun break while Stearman paint is drying.  Don't hate on me for building a 1/48.

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    BradG reacted to Neo in Douglas TA-4 Skyhawk (1/32 Hasegawa)   
    Nice progress! 
    Im really intrigued about your reversed clothes pins i think its a brilliant idea

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    BradG got a reaction from Out2gtcha in Rules of the Road   
    Yes, if you want to build a fighter armed with ground or surface attack munitions then it qualifies. 
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    BradG got a reaction from jgrease in Kitty Hawk models is going out of business   
    I think some of you are putting way too much importance on what we, the vocal minority have to say about any particular model. Say I produce a model, but it has some inaccuracies that get pointed out on a forum yet I still sell half a million units of that kit. Who cares what a few people on a forum have to say. For ever one of you out there, 50 exist who don't do the hyper accuracy thing.
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    BradG got a reaction from Daniel Leduc in Kitty Hawk models is going out of business   
    I think some of you are putting way too much importance on what we, the vocal minority have to say about any particular model. Say I produce a model, but it has some inaccuracies that get pointed out on a forum yet I still sell half a million units of that kit. Who cares what a few people on a forum have to say. For ever one of you out there, 50 exist who don't do the hyper accuracy thing.
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    BradG got a reaction from dutik in Rules of the Road   
    Yeh, they are arming them and they can direct gunfire or missiles.
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    BradG reacted to mydesign in Douglas TA-4 Skyhawk (1/32 Hasegawa)   
    June 7
    The jet pipe is a bit undeep as per kit. The rear was cut off and the pipe was lengthened with a bit found in the spares box. In this case with 2 sections of a Hasegawa F-5E 1/32 tank.

    and seen here in the tail…

    The fuselage interior is now ready for closure.

    The prepared AVIONIX cockpit tub was set with superglue as well as the sidewalls. It was needed to remove a few slices of the resin side walls in order to fit these.

    Also, a few side walls from card were set as these resin bits had been damaged earlier.

    The cooling duct #C24 at the spine was opened up and set..

    Now a very important moment during the built…. Closing up the fuselage….  


    The intakes were installed, some joints puttied and sanded. Sanding was also needed at the lower fuselage. On the cockpit sides and intakes some “shrinkage” was filled and some sanding done.  

    The air brakes are separate parts and will probably be set closed. They fit O.K. 
    The spine needed however some extra putty and sanding.

    That's it till now.
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    BradG reacted to dutik in A flying kangaroo - Schiebel Camcopter of the Royal Australian Navy   
    Hi there!
    I'll yust give the Group build thingee another try, having the best intentions to finish a kit in time. Not that I am scoring well at this, but I am trying. Think Eddie the Eagle here
    And now for something different:
    Drones are the new hotness everywhere in the armed forces. Well, time to build one that serves in the Navy  So my choice is the Schiebel S-100 Camcopter made by Brengun. Small, low parts count, no cockpit = no hassle with clear parts  , nice choice of painting options: Light grey, dark blue, Coastal guard red/white, and the black ones from the RAN. Looks like a quick and easy build. Of course something will happen. Murphys law will apply, for sure
    Ordered a kit. Lets see, how fast the mail is working
    - dutik
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    BradG got a reaction from Dpgsbody55 in Birdcage Corsair - Finished   
    Great stuff mate I will add to the gallery.
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    BradG got a reaction from Dpgsbody55 in In The Navy Group Build Gallery   
    Dpgsbody55 crosses the finish line with some more whistling death, this time an early model Corsair from Tamiya. Excellent job mate.
    Link to build thread;

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    BradG reacted to Alex in Bell P-39Q Airacobra in Soviet service [1:32 Kitty Hawk]   
    So on with some actual modeling.  Breaking (very slightly) with tradition, this kit does NOT have you start out by building the cockpit - first up is the engine.  There was apparently a paper shortage when this kit was designed, because they've gone to great pains to condense a lot of stuff onto each sheet of the brief instruction booklet.  This is step 1, and they get denser and less clear later:

    First up I'll need to modify the cylinder heads to work with the Eduard resin exhausts (because no way am I cleaning flash off of 24 little half-exhaust-stub pieces, gluing them together, and then trying to get rid of the seams - see lower right corner of page).
    Sawed the base block off of each side's exhaust and then scraped/sanded the back flat.

    The heads have the exhaust flanges molded in - these plus an extra millimeter or so need to be shaved away to let in the base strip of the resin piece.

    That looks messy but you won't see it when the resin exhaust is glued on.
    Like this (ish)

    One thing that I will need to decide on is how much scratch detailing makes sense on this engine.  Even if you leave the engine side cover off (as the kit permits and I intend), there's limited visibility.  I did a quick dry fit to look at this:

    Anything on top of the engine (intake manifolds, ignition harness) will be blocked by the cockpit rear deck above it.  And while you will be able to see the hardware on the back of the block (supercharger, carb, magnetos), all of the complex control linkages that I tried to build for my P-51 sit even behind that.  If you chose to cut out that triangular section of fuselage behind the existing opening (which in reality came off with dzus fasteners and was often opened for service), you could show ALL of that very clearly.  But I'm not going to do that.  So I probably won't add a ton of stuff.  I was able to get hold of a PDF copy of the P-39 Erection and Maintenance manual, so I need to run through that carefully and figure out exactly what can be added in places where it will be visible.  My current thinking is to open up the starboard side of the model as much as possible (MG/cannon bay, engine bay, oil reservoir bay - everything the kit gives you the option for), and to have the starboard cockpit door open, since this was the usual side for ingress/egress.  And the port side will be completely closed, to provide the "streamlined" view of the aircraft.
    After cleaning flash off of every single part (this is going to be patience-intensive I can already tell), here are all the bits that go into making that familiar Allison V-12.

    And painted up.  The former gearhead in me couldn't resist making the valve covers extra shiny (although they will ultimately be matte-coated).

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    BradG got a reaction from Landrotten Highlander in In The Navy Group Build Gallery   
    Dpgsbody55 crosses the finish line with some more whistling death, this time an early model Corsair from Tamiya. Excellent job mate.
    Link to build thread;

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    BradG reacted to Fanes in Trumpy Wildcat Operation Torch - building the wings   
    The struggle continues
    I started making my own middle spar from scratch. Not a big issue with a punch-and-die set.
    Some cuts later I was ready to fit the new part into the gunbay.
    With the eduard part being way too short, I had some doubt on the fit of the rest of the PE.
    Well, I hate to be right sometimes..


    All parts for the sidewalls are at least 1-2 mm short
    I concluded several options for the issue:
    scratch all the sidewalls try to get a hold of a newer eduard set (32170) for the F4F-3 (out of production and nowhere to find with a quick search) wait for a new AM set to pop up - thinking about those beautiful resin sets fro Kopecky models get over it, close the wing and move on I'm leaning heavily towards the latter.
    What do you guys think?
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    BradG reacted to mgbooyv8 in Kiwi Corsair   
    Hi guys,
    The work continued on the undercarriage.
    Masks were cut with my DSPIAE circle cutter, a very useful device:

    The tyres were sprayed Revell 9 anthracite.
    The wheels were glued to the struts, so no turning wheels on this model.
    The tail wheel strut was lengthened with 5 mm to get the right length for the later strut type.
    Then, the gear could be assembled and glued into place, followed by the doors.
    To obtain flat spots on the tyres, the whole model was dragged over a piece of sandpaper:

    And here is a view of the completed landing gear:

    To be continued.
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    BradG reacted to JimRice in Am I Too Late for Training Day Group Build :) ICM Stearman N2S-3 Build   
    Some days you're the windshield.  Some days you are the bug.  Today I was the bug.
    Since I couldn't find any all black 1/4" high "U.S. NAVY" decals in any of my kits or decal spares, I decide I would use my Silhouette Cameo to cut some masks.  A quarter inch is about as small as I've been able to successfully cut masks so far.  Out of eight individual masks, I was able to get two which were defect free and usable.   I got both on, masked around and set up to paint.  Using my Iwata HP-C with well thinned Testor (square bottle) Gloss Black paint, I misted on a couple of light dry coats and waited a few minutes before coming back with a slightly heavier coat...which I really didn't feel was too heavy.   The results are shown below.
    I allowed the paint to dry to slightly tacky to the touch before removing masks...which is my typical practice.  It didn't work this time.  The black paint peeled badly.  A coule of letters peeled almost completely off.  Using a toothpick, I was able to lift and remove about 50% of the black.  Others lifted the underlying Model Master Chrome Yellow, which had dried well over a week.  I continued to scrap most the paint off with a wooden cuticle stick sanded to a sharp edge.  Some down to yellow and others down to primer or gray plastic.  I will allow the remainder to cure fully and then sand it out, reshoot yellow and try again.
    I think I likely didn't have properly clean surfaces due to extensive handling while working on the fuel lines.  I was constantly handling as I fabricated and fitted the fuel lines, which I opted not to install pending painting the US NAVY on each side of fuselage.  Second, I think even the dry coats, due to about a 60% lacquer thinner and 40% enamel paint was likely still a bit wet and hot.  Third, I likely should have waited an hour or more before removing masks.  I think the combination of the three factors below blew up on me today.  No worries, I've screwed up worse in the past and still salvaged the kit.

    Standby for repaint effort in a few days.   In the meantime, I'll be firing up ye old Cameo cutter and seeing if I cannot cut a few more usable vinyl masks.  BTW, the masks I was used today were cut with Oracal 810 vinyl which has always yielded great results.  I don't think the vinyl was  to blame, simply operator error.



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    BradG reacted to kkarlsen in Friedrichshafen FF.33 L - German Navy Zeebrügge   
    I've been trying to find details of the wing fuel tank, present on the CHFT variant.
    I haven't been able to find any close up photos of the FF.33L with sufficient detail to be of help.
    Then it struck me that maybe other Friedrichshafen models may have had the same tank?
    In the Windsock album on the FF.33E  page 6 there is a very clear photo of the tank on a crashed FF.33E.
    Next, at first the bottom of the tank was a mystery to me, but taking a closer look at the many photos
    it was quite obvious what is going on...

    It looks like there is some kind of 'sump' in the bottom of the tank, that extends to the fuel line.

    This is a closeup of the tank on a FF.49, looks a little different, but the same principle.
    Cheers: Kent
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    BradG reacted to kkarlsen in Friedrichshafen FF.33 L - German Navy Zeebrügge   
    Progress on the Friedrichshafen built:

    The fuselage is assembled, putty'ed and sanded some. I've rebuilt the observers coaming to fit the ring from the HB W.29. (Shrunken a bit, to look the part)


    The wings have been painted in a base color, top white and bottom Gunze Sail color. Wholes for rigging has been drilled and they are now ready for masking.
    Thanks for looking: Kent
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    BradG reacted to kkarlsen in Friedrichshafen FF.33 L - German Navy Zeebrügge   
    Spend the last couple of days detailing and painting the 3D printed Benz Bz III engine.




    The push rods have been replaced with nickel silver ones, spark plug leads, handles and spring added.
    This being my fourth Benz Bz III engine, it's still a struggle, learning how to get the details right.
    I've chosen to depict it as an well used 'mucked up' engine (most of all to camouflage some of the 3D moiré effect).
    Cheers: Kent
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    BradG reacted to kkarlsen in Friedrichshafen FF.33 L - German Navy Zeebrügge   
    Interior about done...




    I have replaced the map board with a wireless unit, I'm doing a FF.33L CHFT variant. Some leftover WNW's parts.




    Cheers: Kent
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    BradG reacted to BloorwestSiR in F4U-1A Corsair Blue Baron   
    Thanks folks! Sorry for the lack of updates. The engine is finished and I started on installing the cowl flaps.
    Somehow I missed documenting the build but the fuselage got closed up and the central wing section installed. I didn't have any issues with either but this is my third Tamiya Corsair. 
    The big issue now is the kit is buried on my bench under a bunch of stuff. 
    We're redoing part of the basement so my bench has become a bit of a dumping ground for everything.  This means I won't have able to work on it until the basement is done. Or at least a bit more back to normal.
    The good news is I'll finally have a dedicated paint bench. My stash is also getting reorganized so that'll make it easier to find things. 
    We're about 2/3 of the way done. So hopefully soon I'll be able to continue with the Corsair. 
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    BradG reacted to Dpgsbody55 in Birdcage Corsair - Finished   
    As promised, here's a few more pictures.






    In it's temporary display spot, until I can get the F4U-1a and perhaps the Airfix Hellcat built.

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    BradG reacted to Dpgsbody55 in Birdcage Corsair - Finished   
    And this show now concludes.  This build is finished, but not without a little drama, as one accident is fixed and another not.
    After unmasking the model, the first thing I did was to add the propeller.  Now it looks like a plane .

    Next up was to add the undercarriage, starting at the back.  The parts fit on this model is really good.  I don't recall one part that needed alteration to get it to fit properly, with the exception of the outer wings, as mentioned previously.  And that was only a very minor adjustment too.  Part M42, which covers the tail wheel mount immediately in front of the tail wheel well is one such part that fits so neatly it stays in place without glue, so for the painting stage, this part is merely put in place.  I prized this out carefully and was then able to add the tail wheel assembly, then glued that into place.

    Unfortunately I had a bit of an accident when gloss varnishing the model as I tripped while standing to airbrush the varnish and it went everywhere, some of which spilled over the model.  This is what caused the crazing in the paint you can see on the underside of the tail plane.  At such a late stage in the build, I decided to let this go as it won't be seen when the model is on display.  Fixing it would have involved a lot of mucking about and I've rearranged my work space so that hopefully this doesn't happen again.  The heading picture shows how it doesn't show that badly.  I've also not yet put the tail wheel itself into place as I'll do this once the main wheels are on.
    Next up is the main undercarriage, shown here in varying stages of assembly.  The main wheel is mounted purely for photographic purposes.  I'll attach these next, after I've flattened the bottom of the wheels and painted the red marks on the tires and wheels.  I tried the kit decals for this, but they didn't stick over all the wheel detail.

    Then, after painting the tire movement marks and flatted the bottoms of the tires, I fitted all three wheels.  The main wheels went on first and the flat spot was set using a 12 inch rule to align with the tail wheel on each side.  Then the tail wheel was fitted permanently at a slight turn for a bit of added interest.  Here it is now finally on it's own three wheels.  These rubber tires are better than many I've come across, but still not a fan of them.  Oh, and the aerial got knocked off....  

    The side cover is removed so that I could get at the remains of the old aerial to remove them.  That will be the last job before finalising the model.  Here's the side cover, with a couple of stays I made from 0.5mm wire to make sure they stay in place.  Putting the bottom edge in first, the top edge will snap into place nice and securely.

    The next step was to add some exhaust, oil and gun stains.  The oil stains behind the cowling and cooling vent flap are fairly mild.  I've also added some sand dust inside the wheel wells.



    The wear and tear on the propeller was added by a little dry brushing aluminium, as I'd forgotten to paint the prop in ally first.

    Canopy added.

    The pilot's mirror you can see mounted in the blister.  This was added with Micro Klear, which has become my go to glue for adding clear bits.  The canopy is also glued into place.  No attempt to make it slide this time.

    And lastly, the twice busted aerial re-instated.  As the proper one for this plane was a write off, I used the larger part from the kit and cut it down to size.  You can also see I've attempted a little fuel staining too, which looks more effective when you see the model as a whole.


    Cowlings off.


    All closed up.

    So that's it for this group build from me.  The kit itself was fantastic to build, even better than the Tamiya Spitfires I've built.  I'm hoping that their Mosquito will be better still when I get that kit out of my stash.  More pictures in to follow.
    Next project!! 
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    BradG reacted to Sepp in Revell Hunter FGA.9.   
    Right - off we jolly well go.
    Plan A for the teeth is mask and spray, with decals being plan B.  As I have to draw the whole thing first anyway, I've started with B. Making masks from the drawing should not (ha!) pose too much of a problem.
    My first thought was to copy the mouth from the scheme sketch and make up pieces for the centre which I could mod as required to get the mouth to fit the fuselage.

    and boy, was that a mistake A right royal pita to fiddle with, so I fell back on what I should have done to start - extend the mouth to the centreline, and copy it.
    The first try was way too narrow.

    The second was waaay too wide.

    And the third.... (three bears moment)
    ooh, hello, looks like we might have a winner


    Yep. That'll do - a tiny bit of work to adjust the teeth, but I'm happy.
    The resulting decal sits nicely with no wrinkling, even though it's quite large. It looks like it might even be persuaded to conform to the gun troughs. If not, I can always slit the decal as the troughs will be painted some metallic shade, anyway.

    Excellent... tomorrow: fettling and mask making, but it's a lovely evening here so I hereby declare it to be pub o'clock.
    Sepp, out.
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