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  1. Any chance you can scan that photo to show on here (as long as that's ok to do)? I'm coming up with a plan to scratch build a new panel and want to make sure I'm kind of on the right track with its layout for a CJ. If that's not ok, no problem.
  2. I think the set I ordered covers off those changes.
  3. Looks good. I ordered this set for mine yesterday: http://mrpaint.sk/eshop/farby/Sady?product_id=189
  4. Thanks guys for all the input. I guess I wasn't very clear in my request. I was just wondering if anyone knew what size of punches (or drills) match up with the various airscale instrument decals. For example, the smallest instrument decal matches up with a 1.5mm punch, the medium one with a 2mm punch and so on. Peter did get back to me and said the decals I ordered are on the way, but I was just hoping to get the ball rolling early IF someone new the correct sizes. I guess I'll have to work on something else in the mean time. Thanks anyway, Chuck.
  5. I was just wondering if you knew what size hole your smallest instrument uses, what size the medium uses, large, extra large...? Kind of thing.
  6. Thanks Tony. I'll wait (unless Peter gets back to me with precise measurements).
  7. I have Airscale's "early allied jets" Instrument decal sheet (in 1/32 scale) on order for scratch building a panel, but I would like to get rolling on making the actual panel while I wait for the decals to arrive. Can anyone tell me what sizes holes correspond to the various sized instrument decals found on this sheet? Thanks, Chuck.
  8. Thanks again for all the info. I'll take heed when the right time comes. Just planning now how I want to tackle a scratched C panel. I see the one in the kit is more for a E version than C (or CJ).
  9. Thanks for the heads up (and the pics of the colours) You do have to question some of the layout decisions by Italeri, but hopefully it will come together as nice as yours. One of the things I was thinking of doing was gluing the left and right tail halves to the left and right main body BEFORE gluing the body all together. I was also thinking of attaching the top wing to the body halves before attaching the bottom. Would this work? I want to try and minimize the gaps at those joints if possible.
  10. Looking forward to see your build. I guess once I have something to show, I should post it in the works in progress section huh?
  11. I'm just siting down with the kit, looking at what I want to "tweak" as part of my build. I don't want it to get out of hand (so I actually get the thing done) but I do want to try my hand at upgrading some areas that I just don't care for as stock. The main parts that stand out for me are; the Instrument panel (and area underneath the front windscreen), back cockpit wall, the seat, the wheel wells, landing gear and engine (boy that list is longer than I would have hoped for)! Some of Harold's wheels will be nice too! I think I'm going to do early 70's IAF tri colour scheme using the kits decals for 101 squadrons # 259 for a Atar 9B engine equipped mirage CJ. In light of our previous emails, I'm going to use the following reference with a few adjustments so I don't get bogged down with endless research: http://ckclub31.ipmsfrance.org/wa/Mir3c/ Wish me luck!
  12. I just found some pics of his wheels. They do look good! I'll PM him.
  13. Hey Harold. Do you have any pics of your wheels you can share? I am interested.
  14. Is the pit pretty much all flat back (except for a few details)?
  15. After a bit more research, it seems that the earlier/darker IAF green could also be FS 34227. Any thoughts on this?
  16. It looks like model master are the only ones to offer the green (FS 34258) for the earlier IAF schemes.
  17. From what I've found online, the earlier IAF three colour scheme uses the following colours: Green FS 34258 Tan FS 30219 Sand FS 33531 Pale Blue FS 35622 Do these colours sounds right?
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