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  1. try posting to flickr or photobucket and then using the image pointer to show your pics
  2. looks good but as mentioned small pictures what did you try new on the dash? May be the lighting but the green looks to bright?
  3. I got caught up in other things and did not make the deadline so this is now a 'member build' It is the Hasegawa of course. I used the CE interior and some of the exterior all markings except for the heart or either painted on( montex) dry transfers fro m Hobby decal. With only slight register problems I am sold on both. I screwed up the front windscreen ( btw the montex masks are to sticky) and I sanded off the starboard intake and will repaint the front canopy after that I have to put on the balancers and th antenna wire and it is done.
  4. from the hobby decal site tamiya of course from the J model.I have some assorted goodies as well and I am going to try some of the gunze solvent paint I just got. Ihave to finish the last group build I am stock on just a wee bit left on the Luftwaffe bf 106 left to go
  5. I am almost done and in fact have been for a while. To many distractions this summer first my #1 kid got married then there is the lawn and work also this plastic toy as well. I really wanted it to be ready. All I have to do is attach the canopy gun sight, antenna and wire and attach the gear and tank and pitot. I have procrastinated all summer Darn it. I will finish it and post on members build David out
  6. I have made some progress and in fact am almost done. Have to touch up the cockpit sills and the fiddly bits and it some more of the Hobby decals as well as the water slides and it is done I used the montex masks and by and large love them
  7. The wedding is over back to reality. when not needed (rarely) I was able to do some modeling which is a great stress reliever( as long as everything goes right and you don't loose a part to the carpet etc.) I bought some tamiya fine primer and am giving it a try the wings are on and it is almost ready for the paint shop.
  8. okay any of you mavens know? Flomaster tarnished black looks good but there are tru mavens here. Or should try to add some black to the modelmaster rlm 70
  9. update I have the fuselage 1/2 together fouled up putting the pit in the sides were a bit to far back... after measuring no less. But all is good. I really like the cutting edge pit there harness however is better on the allied set I have used it is a bit to thick and the retention clips are bad. I had a set of luftwaffe pe but one popped off into the carpet monster I will rig up replacements. I puttied the tread off the wheels it is almost ready to get the wings on. I movedthe small intake ducts on the front to be lower not seen but I drilled out and boxed in the canon ejection chutes on the bottom. This week my little girl is getting married so no modeling for a while.
  10. try heating them a bit first with a hairdryer as well as the model this helps a lot as well
  11. The cutting edge pit is flat out wonderful it fits for a start. I got some white ensign paints and trusty old modelmaster enamels
  12. Heck I was going to build it anyway. It is the hasegawa bird I am building it in Hartmans marking but I am going to paint them rather then use decals Ihave lots of goodies my last and only cutting edge pit and detail set mdc spinner hobbydecal transfers for the stencils.
  13. In the past I have had luck with airmailing a very polite request to hasegawa in english requesting the part. It took a while but I got the part for free. YMMV but it is worth a shot if you are not in a hurry. The address is son the instructions.
  14. Okay tried the shade technique much better I still need on of those light tents. I got carried away and took some other pics( no guts is 1/48) but I would love this and or rat or tat as lsp decals.
  15. nice the front of my house points north I will try again tomorrow for now I am playing with some indirect flash in the house
  16. 99% finished now I just need to add the nav lights. I really need a photo tent I think the dynamic range out side( well it is sunset ) is just to great. I tried a program which compress dynamic range but it looks funny to me. I will get a photo tent or try some indirect lights. The magnified image reallyshows the windscreen shifted doesn't it? as bonus some pics of the P 40
  17. will do hopefully I will finish it this weekend( I am on call unfortunately so maybe not) Work keep cutting into modeling time. :angry: The decals were superb. I really enjoyed them. I made a slight error in the red on the cowl it should be a little longer that impacted on the Bull decal but I was able to work it out. The hobby decals are great but the nmf it so smooth it did not always allow a grip on the transfer but over all I love them. The research color and ease of use was 1st rate. How about doing Chief ski ya mah or No guts no glory or Rat a tat for the next one? Hope fully more and better picture this weekend David
  18. Thanks for the kind words I will try to post some more and better pictures this weekend. I had to go to Dallas on business and now am trying to pick up the pieces back at work at home. Chris yes the fin strake is done and waiting to be attached. your kind words are appreciated since it was your build that inspired me!
  19. My flight to Dallas was delayed so I went home and did some more work.. I need better lights to photograph i t but it is almost done. I need to clean up the windscreen and canopy put on the antenna and pitot and a few of the lights and it is done.
  20. Thanks I know the basic form and can 'gin' one up from some round and flat stock. The floor monster must of climbed up onto the display counter to get it. david
  21. my trumpeter P 40 is missing her pitot tube. Not a hard thing to reconstruct but if someone could give me the length of the pitot. It is the British version with the l shaped extension so I need those dimensions as well. Thanks
  22. Your bride is a keeper! Yes it has been a fun build few issues at all. The 4 piece cowl is fiddely. Put is together before putting the engine in I used no filler just a little Mr surfacer. dont glue the rear of the wings where the flaps sit till you put them on to the fuselage that way there will be no step. The landing gear upper door do not fit well. I decide to build OOB except for decals and I added a harness from cutting edge. I have placards form waldron but did not use them the pit looks fine as is with some careful painting. I knew I was adding the fin fillet so did not go nuts on the seam there. In fact I did not do the bottom seem either I think there may be a panel line right there . I don't like the tires although it was nice not having to mask the wheels. One last thing the blast tubes for the .50 are solid they charge something like 14 plus shipping for a set of hollow tubes silly and obnoxious I plan to buy .50 cents worth of brass tubing. I used my last bottle of SNJ for the finish
  23. thanks the learning curve is not to bad have to be careful where the tape goes to hold them down I lifted some of the olive green infront of the pit and had to repaint. here is another pic
  24. I have really been enjoying this even for a nmf. The LSP decals are terrific, one point though The front color band should be 18 scale inches I followed the profile and made it to short. This displaces the bull and it is to short the decal provided for the cowl open has a notch which indicates where the end of the cowl is. I ended up just using an extra piece of black decal so you can't tell. This is the first time using dry transfers and I love them no film no need for future. More updates as it nears completion. David
  25. I remember seeing this recently to registered members of the board now I can not find it. Darn
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