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  1. Hi Kevin,, The Hasegawa is still in the box, halfway finished. I was fighting this kit every inch of the way so I put it away for a while. I did however build and finish Dragon's 1/32 version. It was an easier build for me and I enjoyed this kit very much. I'm very happy how it turned out and it now lives in my display cabinet! Sorry I didn't post follow up photos of the Hasegawa or the new build but I had a problem with one of our members and decided to pretty much leave the forum. Kind of sad since I enjoyed LSP very much.
  2. Wow!!! THANKS for the photo coverage!
  3. Beta cases are better. : )
  4. Outstanding! In my opinion, what a dio should be...like a still photo that tells a story.
  5. I believe this is the most impressive build I've seen in my life!!!
  6. Here's a bit of an advance. I managed to get the fuselage halves together. I sort of “convinced†it together a little at a time, the most difficult being the front, engine area. The motor is in there but the top won't be coming off to show the engine. As Out2gtcha suggested, I tried my hand at re scribing. Not by choice but by necessity. Straight lines weren't that difficult but curves were a nightmare! Some of the lines turned out very sharp, others not so much but I think I'll get better with practice and it's a technique I'll keep working at it. I ran into a problem with the underside air scoop. I had a huuuge dip or valley on the bottom and as you'll see in the photos, it took a big dab of Tamiyas' Light Curing Putty. Nasty stuff but it dries hard as nails, really fast and will fill ANY thing. You can see the results in the before and after photos. It took me a while but I'm happy with the results so far and now ready to continue with the kit. Dan
  7. I AM beating it into submission, the bad thing is that it shows! I'm trying a little rescribing as Out suggested.
  8. ...the fuselage is NOT cooperating! = (
  9. No sir, re-scribing is still well beyond my abilities. I'll just try to build it out of the box and end up with a good looking model. Right now I'm even struggling to get the fuselage halls together.
  10. Thanks Peter. I think my initial impression has a lot to do with just having finished a Tamiya 1/48 P-51 before starting this new project and of course, my limited skills.Those Tamiya kits are very easy to build, so I noticed a big difference. But as they say, there are no bad kits...just bad modelers, so I think I'll finesse and learn my way through this one! = )
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