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  1. Awesome work there Zak !!! Looking forward towards your next update Ken
  2. Awesome build!!! I am gonna follow your build . Keep up the good work bro
  3. That sucks. I know Sprue Bros are awesome in shipping and the have great customer service too
  4. Bill, sorry about the mishap, hope you get your part soon and get to test the thinners
  5. I am glad you found that link useful and you are welcome
  6. Hey Fellas, Not sure if anyone has seen this video, I thought it was really useful and would help us save some money to our ever growing expenditure in model building https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8k3BJC80IQ Ken
  7. How in the heck, did I miss this thread ? she's lookin mighty fine there. pardner, Great details Brian Ken
  8. Awesome progress Kevin, will be following this build closely, have 1 in the stash Ken
  9. You're welcome.... Trust me, I had the same s+^# happen to me with my Trumpy Avenger so, I know, how well it sucks. but, hey, you'd never know......... Good luck Ken
  10. Programm downloaded and drawing saved TIA Mark
  11. I have this link of SU-27's My link for reference, I have Photoshop CS 3, but have not installed the programm, cuz, I am not sure how to use it, so I might as well say , that I don't have one
  12. Brian, Your build has got me pumped up to start my Flanker, Awesome build , I will be following your build. It is awesome of you Greg to offer your canopy , so that Brian could finish his project. Btw, Trumpeter does answer at thier website, you have to use Google Simplified Chinese translator and post your question with an email addy and a phone number, but it does take a bit
  13. Thanks for the tip, Mark, but I don't have Photoshop Ken
  14. Hey Fellas Is there a step by step tutorial on how to scale and print these drawings to match your project ? Example here 1st post TIA Ken
  15. That a real cool tip M, thanks, I will give that a shot and I will post when I get done
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