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  1. Yes it is...my tired eyes saw what they wanted to see...
  2. Eine kleine nachtupdate More drilling (while drinking) Nothing painted yet. I have actually bought an airbrush, and I'm scared to death of it
  3. Don't drink and drill, boys and girls
  4. Yes...quite unique...a bare metal Mustang
  5. I've been working 10-12 hours every single day for the last seven weeks and not sure when I'll have time to start this. I hope I'll have some time off in a few weeks. Julledigt?? I think this is it
  6. Typical Kagero. Lots of pictures but no cockpit shots, 1/72, 48 and 1/32 drawings and some very inspiring profiles.
  7. Books...as if I had time to read Cheap english edition AJ press.. and some new Kagero
  8. Anything japanese (as usual) and of course Saab B17BS.
  9. That is the two piece two seater canopy.
  10. I shot a few pics for my walkaround today This is the swedish variant Re 2000/J 20. Don't know if the cockpit differed in any way from the earlier variant. http://s759.photobucket.com/user/nerdanders/library/Walk/MalmenJ20?sort=3&page=1
  11. A hole because of this: Hauptmann Bär transferred to the Mediterranean Front to become the Gruppenkommandeur of I/JG 77 "Herzas" on May 1, 1942. He flew the Bf 109F and later the Bf 109G models. The strain of constant battle and knowledge of inevitable defeat of Axis forces in the Mediterranean later caused the stressed-out Bär to be relieved from command back to Germany in disgrace. Following his recuperation, Hauptmann Bär was soon assigned to Reich's Defense duties with II/JG 1 "Oesau" to fly the heavily armed Focke-Wulf Fw 190A fighter as the Allied bombing campaign gathered momentum. He was eventually promoted to the rank of Major and the position of Gruppenkommandeur of II/JG 1. Bär gained his 200th aerial victory on April 22, 1944. On the sortie in which he downed his 200th aerial victory, Major Bär did not fly one of his own assigned Fw 190As but flew the now famous Fw 190A-7 "Red 23". Bär would be credited with 21 heavy bombers to his Defense of the Reich tally by the end of the war. http://www.warbirdsresourcegroup.org/LRG/bar.html
  12. Ok I had no idea Tigger has a single seat conversion, must be brand new! What I meant was the Vampire FB.5 kit
  13. On the flyer yes...hopefully not on the kit box You want a Lukgraph Fw 56, Dean?
  14. Heinkel made the 59. The picture on the Fly flyer is a Fw 56.
  15. I hear they have good J 29 references. Hopefully this will be as nice as the Hurricane Anyone interested in a resin Fw56 or two?? Anyone? No, I didn't think so..
  16. Now that you mention it, I may have mentioned it some time ago? SE-ADR, right?
  17. Unless they are then made of resin ;)
  18. Yes, both kits have full interior.
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