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    Smokey got a reaction from dodgem37 in Make the others jealous   
    If it wasn't hard to decide what paint scheme to do before here is a couple books I just got on the JASDF Aggressor F-15J schemes.  


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    Smokey reacted to Jennings Heilig in Fündekals web site is (FINALLY) live!!   
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    Smokey reacted to Dave Williams in Make the others jealous   
    “Large” scale plane, but not “Large Scale” plane.

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    Smokey got a reaction from Rick Griewski in Make the others jealous   
    If it wasn't hard to decide what paint scheme to do before here is a couple books I just got on the JASDF Aggressor F-15J schemes.  


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    Smokey got a reaction from Troy Molitor in Make the others jealous   
    If it wasn't hard to decide what paint scheme to do before here is a couple books I just got on the JASDF Aggressor F-15J schemes.  


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    Smokey reacted to Thunnus in 1/32 Meng Me163B - Mojo Reclamation Project   
    Thank you Dennis!  I think it is working!  I've been pretty consistent getting some modeling bench time the past few days.
    Thanks Bill!  I appreciate you checking in!
    I'm not really sure about the tires, Kevin.  DEF Model offers both treaded and smooth versions and I went with the treaded ones because they are more visually interesting.  The kit tires, FWIW, are treaded as well.  Since the wheel trolley is ejected after take-off, I am going under the assumption that any set of tires could be matched to any 163, increasing the chances that my tire choice COULD be plausible.
    Thanks so much Wolf!  I hope that is the case but right now, I'm just happy that I'm moving forward on a project again.
    I was able to do some work on the Aires instrument panel.  The first thing to do is to remove the photoetch panel faces from the sprue.  I recommend doing this and cleaning up the sprue attachments now instead of painting the faces on the brass fret.

    This center panel has two separate instrument bezels that help to build up the 3D relief of the instrument panel face. I use Future as a glue to attach the bezels.

    With the attachment stubs filed off with a sanding stick, I place the photetch faces to the resin instrument panel to check fit.  This particular panel is a bit more complicated than most in that the resin panel has raised features that poke through the brass panels.  This aids in alignment but will make the placement of the acetate backing a little more complicated.

    The brass faces are removed and readied for paint.  I've tacked them on to the sticky side of a yellow Post-It.

    I've elected to use Mr Primer Surfacer 1000 to prime the brass parts before painting them RLM 66 Dark Grey.

    While I let that dry overnight, I've repaired the whip antenna with a piece of wire attached to the end. I've also glued the wing attachment inserts onto the fuselage sides.  There is detail molded onto these parts as it would be visible if the cannon covers were posed open.

    I've also started to assemble the retractable skid assembly.

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    Smokey got a reaction from Uncarina in Make the others jealous   
    If it wasn't hard to decide what paint scheme to do before here is a couple books I just got on the JASDF Aggressor F-15J schemes.  


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    Smokey got a reaction from scvrobeson in Make the others jealous   
    If it wasn't hard to decide what paint scheme to do before here is a couple books I just got on the JASDF Aggressor F-15J schemes.  


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    Smokey got a reaction from coogrfan in Make the others jealous   
    If it wasn't hard to decide what paint scheme to do before here is a couple books I just got on the JASDF Aggressor F-15J schemes.  


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    Smokey got a reaction from LSP_K2 in Make the others jealous   
    If it wasn't hard to decide what paint scheme to do before here is a couple books I just got on the JASDF Aggressor F-15J schemes.  


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    Smokey reacted to Pete Fleischmann in MH-60T Jayhawk water rescue   
    Hey all,
    …while I continue to chip away at my Little Bird/Killer Egg, I couldn’t resist starting on the next big project; which will be a USCG MH-60T Jayhawk. Floyd Werner of Werners Wings is wrapping up a Jayhawk conversion for the HH-60H. I have the base kit, and am patiently waiting on the conversion. If you missed it, look here-
    Click me
    …anyhoo..this will be an inflight display similar to my Pavehawk, but the base will be the open Ocean, either off the coast of the Carolina’s or Mar Pacifica by San Diego, where our Jayhawk crew is plucking a Hornet driver out of the water ..who’s bad day is about to get better.
    So while I wait for Floyd’s conversion, I thought I’d start on the survivor. I grabbed the perfect raft-rider from Reedoak, and started a few mods-
    First was the inflated LPU out of Apoxie Clay. More to do here, but you get the idea..

    and then a new left arm

    Then I mocked-up the raft

    I considered pressing on with this scratched raft. My plan was to wrap the basic shape in Apoxie Clay sheets and build up the shape, but then I stumbled on this 1/35 dingy from Mastercrafters for the German S Boat. Seeing as I am a path of least resistance kinda guy, I decided to change rafts mid stream..

    I cut a chunk out of the dinghy to get it the right size. I popped his left arm off to make it easier to paint his face later on-

    and now I’m cleaning this up and modifying it to be more representative of the current aircrew survival raft

    super excited to start the water. I needed to get the raft figured out first, because…well- its going in the water.
    more soon-
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    Smokey reacted to LSP_K2 in Make the others jealous   
    Speaking of tanks,...
    From part of a deal with our own LSP_Ray. Thanks, Ray.

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    Smokey reacted to dennismcc in Make the others jealous   
    Normally I am pretty much an OOB builder but my two recent buys prompted me to splash out a bit, the Whirlwind because I have waited so long for one and want to do it justice, and the Helldiver because it looks like it will need some help. So I have been visiting Hannants site and these have found their way into my study.

    And just in case

    And while I was there I spotted this.

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    Smokey reacted to LSP_K2 in Trumpeter 1:16 Jagdtiger   
    Yep, sure enough, interference! Note that the inner horn actually raises the entire sprocket, so that it no longer rides on the track proper. The Germans were clever enough to cast a clearance groove in the back half of the sprocket, specifically to accommodate the guide horns. If Trumpeter had molded the track correctly, there would be no clearance issues at all, but they unfortunately did not. I'll trim off some of the few horns that will cause interference issues, shortly before installing the track, which I won't do until after they receive some basic weathering. I've also begun adding some preliminary texture to the sprockets, but more obviously needs to be done for them to really look the part.

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    Smokey got a reaction from MARU5137 in CANDY CANE A, an Eagle from the Revell kit FINISHED   
    Karl,  just found your build.  Great job on the Eagle.  Dan
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    Smokey reacted to BloorwestSiR in Make the others jealous   
    So LSP stands for Large Scale Porsches right?
    Ok, ok, must stay on target.
    I've been wanting to do a Death Star trench diorama from a while. This just made it a bit easier. I've got Bandai's Tie Fighters and Tie Advanced in the stash so it's ready to go now. 
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    Smokey reacted to LSP_K2 in Make the others jealous   
    And another. Not real sure yet what I'll do with this, perhaps a Tiger turret change, V2 to Miellerwagen, or something else, who knows. Good price though, or I certainly wouldn't have been able to afford it. Really large box and a jillion parts; just too cool.

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    Smokey reacted to mpk in Make the others jealous   
    Something has to tow the birds when they break down. 
    I did it, I finally did it.......I left home and faced high temperatures and hot wind (no I wasn't talking!), took a bus and had to walk and then ascend 2 flights of stairs. TWO FLIGHTS!!!! IN THE HEAT!!!
    IT'S HOT!!!!
    But I made it. I found and paid for it.
    Then I decended TWO FLIGHTS of stairs with only gravity and teeth gritted determination to assist me.
    Here it is. In all it's regal spendour, a Lancaster cockpit.
    Not a Lincoln! Nor a Shackleton. 
    A Lancaster. 

    To celebrate I bought a six pack of Corona beer. My 1st drink in many many months.
    Because it's hot. 
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    Smokey reacted to josebagasteiz in Panther V Aufs G 1/16 Trumpeter   
    Well, I thought I was almost finished but I have added texture to the surface of the front part of the gearbox as well as the cable for measuring the revolutions of the same and the occasional connection by means of rods








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    Smokey reacted to Marcel111 in 1/32 Mig-29C (9.13) Ukrainian "55"   
    Hi guys,
    Here goes my next project:

    (I found that pic on the net and it had no apparent copyright)
    You'll find quite a few pics of this uniquely bright blue Mig on the web, eg:
    Jim Sorensen, who must be one of the most helpful persons in the hobby and is just an all round rockstar, has made the requisite decals and masks for me:

    In case you're not familiar with what Jim does, have a look at his site:  http://advmodprds.com
    More to follow.
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    Smokey reacted to dsahling1 in 1/32 Mig-29C (9.13) Ukrainian "55"   
    First, really cool subject, its about time someone did a 1/32 MiG-29 here.  In regard to the problem of the LERX, I have an idea.  I encountered a somewhat similar issue with 'Projekt Flanker' (A large Kilp Yavr Russian Air base diorama, with (3) 1/32 Su-27 Flankers (loaded with all the aftermarket), (1) 1/35 Mi-8 Hip, and various ground vehicles, equipment, tarmac, a little terrain that I will try to add my first WIP entry here this weekend, its been well underway for a while now and I have 2 of the Su-27s almost ready to prime, I have to go back and add rivet and panel line detail to one I started painting so its like the other two, to make them look uniform and realistic) anyhow, sorry I digressed there for a moment.  Please see below for my idea.
    You see, the kit leading edge slats of the Su-27s lack the little 'bulged' 'extensions' near the wing root so I mixed some superfine white milliput (finer grain white allows better sanding) and made a little larger VERY rough shape of the extension (it aligns with a panel line so its a little easier getting the position and shape right) and then I drew in pencil where I wanted the leading edge of the new bulge to be, to aid in sanding it uniformly on both sides.  I then VERY slowly began sanding it down to shape until it seamlessly blended with the slat.  
    You could try taking some milliput and apply it larger than you'd need as a long 'snake' and put it there for where the LERX extension shims are and then sand it to the shape you want, the stuff dries ROCK hard (think like CA glue does).  Or you could cut little 'bulkheads' that would outline the  cross-section of the shape you need and attach those to the kit and then add the milliput.  The bulkheads would act as a guide for how to sand it.
    In case you weren't aware Zactoman has some really great 1/32 MiG-29 stuff for the NEW trumpeter mig-29s you might want to check out.
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    Smokey reacted to panzerrob in Another 1/16 Jagdtiger   
    Hi all,
    I would like to start a WIP of my Wecohe 1/16 Jagdtiger.
    Wecohe produced high end 1/16 models for the RC market (Sturmtiger, Jagdtiger and Panther), unfortunately they ceased productions a few years ago.
    Luckily I was able to buy the last remainig kits, although I am missing a few items.
    Everything on this kit is true to scale, the hull has the correct length, and the white plates which make up the upper hull are all scale thickness.
    This sounds nice, but is a real pain in the #ss, it takes time (and a sh*tload of white dust) to file/sand the correct angles so that all the plates fit into eachother.
    I started with preparing the lower hull, only to find out that I missed 2 Torsion bar stays for the suspension. I ordered them in the UK, and am waiting for them to arrrive.
    So I started with priming the Tamiya roadwheels, sprocket- and idlerwheels, schwingarms and 2 parts of the upper hull frontside:

    Next was the construction of the rear plate, and idlerwheel axle:

    Followed by the basic construction of the upper hull:

    Then I decided to attach also the front and right hull side, and started with weldinglines, made with 2 component putty:

    Then, while still waiting I started for the torsion bar stays, I started with the Gunbarrel travel lock:

    I am pretty happy with the result, as the whole travel lock is fully functional!
    I hope you find this start of my Jagdtiger build interesting, and stay tuned for more updates!
    With regards,
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    Smokey reacted to ProgrammerGuy in Wing designer program I'm making   
    Hey everyone! I'm new here but I've been working on a cool project lately (at least I think it's cool). I love R/C and model planes and programming... so I combined them. I've been working on a program to help me design wings for planes and was excited to show it off, even though it's far from finished.
    Would love to hear what you all think about it! Will share more about it in the future and of course, some planes I make with it. I like working in CAD so I plan on making some really detailed models of wings with working slats, flaps, landing gear, etc.
    Here's the link to a quick video I made to show it off:
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    Smokey reacted to dashotgun in trumpeter me 262 yellow 3   
    this one is  one got put on the back burner in fact it got started about 2 years ago. I thought retirement would free lots of time to model but has not worked out that way. Then I thought   home most of the time due to  covid and ditto  did not work out that way.  anyway I started working on it again.  the trumpeter is not bad however I bet the new revel is better.  getting the gun compartment closed up was a battle. the  front canopy stands proud so I sanded the base a bit but  now there is a gap sigh can be fixed with putty.  I am using rlm 82 but I must have mixed a base coat and the straight from the bottle is now does not match sigh.  It will be finished soon...

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    Smokey reacted to Pete Fleischmann in HH-60G Pavehawk Kitty Hawk 1/35 DONE!!   
    Gloss coat going down-
    Tamiya X22 cut with Mr Leveling thinner-

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