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  1. The N.XXI and N.XXIII are available for pre-order at the Copper State site.
  2. I inquired regarding this subject a week ago and received the following from Richard Alexander on February 9" "Hi Ron, Thank you for your inquiry and concern. Most people in China are taking extended New Year holidays at present. There will no doubt be some additional procedures that the people who are transporting goods from factories in mainland China to ports will need to contend with. So there probably will be some delays but as it is a developing situation no one can estimate what delays (if any) there will be to Wingnut Wings production. The biggest determining factor remains the fact that no Wingnut Wings model will go into production until I have approved the tooling. Regards Richard Richard Alexander General Manager Wingnut Wings LTD PO Box 15-319, Miramar 6022, Wellington, New Zealand www.wingnutwings.com"
  3. "Fred Jack, which „huge book“ do you refer to? " Almost certainly the book from Flying Machine Press, authored by Davilla and Soltan, "French Aircraft of the First World War."
  4. If you haven't tried the Nieuport 17 pair from CSM - they are on sale at 55 Euros (pre-VAT) here: https://www.copperstatemodels.com/page/store/WyIyIiwiW1wiMVwiXSJd
  5. Lukasz said they hope to bring it in at 99 Euros but they had not finalized that yet.
  6. The Baby also saw service with France, Italy and Norway.
  7. Track - let's get this thread back on...
  8. Enough! Where are the moderators when you need one?
  9. Has there been indication of release dates for the Nieuports and the star-strutter?
  10. "... Yes it’s quite unique - kind of chunky looking bird. " Even chunkier with the so-called "baby coffin" enclosed MG mount on the upper wing. There are a raft of schemes for the D.I, most of which have unpainted plywood fuselages with large geometric shapes or letters and CDL wings. Linke-Crawford (27 victories) was a well-known user of this aircraft as well as the Phonix D.I and Aviatik(Berg) D.I (WNW please add these to future releases.)
  11. "... Brandenburg D.I, anyone ?" Yes, please!
  12. LOL - I'll start saving now. I anticipate buying several of each!
  13. Hoping to put this sub-thread to rest, MVR flew at least seven F.I/Dr.I: F.I 102/17 September 1917 - Factory finish of Olive streaks over all upper sufaces and fuselage sides; "Fokker blue" base coat. Dr.I 127/17 Mid-March 1918 - Red cowling, struts and wheel disks. Olive streaked upper surfaces and fuselage sides over clear-doped linen (CDL.) Light blue undersurfaces. Dr.I 152/17 March 1918 - Red cowling, struts, rear fuselage and tailplane, top of upper wing and wheel disks. Otherwise as 127/17. Dr.I 161/17 March 1918 - Red cowling, struts, tailplane, top of upper wing and wheel disks. Otherwise as 127/17. Dr.I 405/17 January 1918 - Red wheel disks. Otherwise as 127/17. Dr.I 425/17 March/April 1918 - Red overall. The above all had the earlier curved arm cross (Cross Pattee.) 425/17 was updated with the straight arm cross (Balkenkreuz) in late March/early April shortly before Richtofen's death. Dr.I 477/17 Early April 1918 - same scheme as 161/17 with Balkenkreuz as 425/17. Source: Research by R. Seissler in producing 60+ 1/33 scale card models from c 2006-2013 at www.paperwarbirds.net (now inactive.)
  14. I apologize for asking the obvious but do you have "PayPal Balance" selected as your default payment method?
  15. I encountered this a couple months ago and was told by WNW that you can pay with your PayPal balance but not with a bank transfer. In other words, move money to your PayPal account before ordering, then do the ordering process. It worked fine for me.
  16. So - 32068 = F.I/Dr.I (early) and 32069 = Dr.I(late) Pheon is planning about 90 Dr.I decal sets so I need to start saving NOW (oh, and live long enough to buy/build them all - I'm only 76 so no problem...)
  17. Based on the WNW Photos thread the HP O/400 (kit 32039) will be joined by its predecessor, the HP O/100 (kit 32051.) Different engines and some internal differences.
  18. The two Handley-Page O-type engine nacelles are not the same. The upper one (more streamlined) looks like an O/100 nacelle. Is there an O/100 kit or conversion set lurking in the wings?
  19. You are correct, of course. That's what I get for not fact-checking my aged, spotty memory.
  20. Hmmm....wouldn't they need the D.III first? Maybe a combo kit with a land/sea option? I'm still holding out for a Star-strutter or anything Martinsyde or anything starting with "B.E."
  21. I envy your creativity in problem-solving and your dexterity in bringing them to fruition. Looking forward to the completion of this project.
  22. See Seiran01's thread in the mullti-engine build topic.
  23. I was advised by WNW to either (1) transfer $ from my bank to PayPal and then pay with my PayPal balance or (2) use my credit card. Apparently bank-to-bank results in rejection of the transaction. I chose option (1) and had no problems.
  24. I assembled mine yesterday and last night. The review has it spot on with a personal observation that the level of detail and delicateness of many of the cockpit parts is superb. A few injection nubs to clean up (none are visible after assembly) and care in removing some smaller parts from the sprues is a must. The wing and fuselage joins are virtually invisible. The ailerons and elevator are essentially "press fit" with the tips of the horizontal stabilizer needing a couple passes with a sanding stick to relieve the tightness of the fit. The ailerons and elevator join the fixed assemblies with a number of rods that fit into corresponding holes in the trailing edge of the fixed assembly. I found it prudent to slightly relieve the appropriate holes with a twist drill to avoid snapping off the delicate rods on the control surface parts. The nose assembly will benefit from extra study and trial fitting before committing to adhesive. Make sure the radiator is plumb vertical and properly interfaces with the engine fitting at the top. This build will not be painted but was just for my enjoyment of assembly while my eyes and hands still work well enough get the pieces more or less where they belong. All in all a very enjoyable experience and another feather in WNW's cap.
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