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  1. paint is GSI MR.color #73 mixed very scientifically with the Mk1 eyeball with white to get a close match. ended up being about a 2:1 ratio. as for the decals I used everything I got in the fundekals sheet. Naca logos , numbers, and huge TEST logo. the stars and bars usaf logos etc. were not included. so I sure as hell wasnt going to use the kit decals.
  2. Here is my Revell F-102 in Naca markings. I used the wolfpack exhaust and quickboost pitot and seat for aftermarket. Fundekals provided the NACA markings and Caracal decals were for the rest. I would like to have seen more stencil data provided, as this airplane was covered in them. also there is a red arrow going from the intake to the rescue handle that is not included in the decals or the instructions. I am assuming it was added at a later time from when the decal sheet depicts. paint is GSI #73 mixed 2:1 with white. humbrol #69 is a perfect match for the yellow band on the tail
  3. the set of DACO markings I have are really thick and printed with a matt surface. think Italeri kit decals. well printed by cartograph and have lots of stencils. the 2 Bobs set are really thin and printed by microscale. I would highly recommend the 2 Bobs sheet over the Daco one. cheers Dylan
  4. fantastic build Ron. Having served in 402sqn for 5 years(89-94) it gives me a huge sense of pride every time i see one of these birds built
  5. I cant wait to get my hands on this conversion.
  6. yaknow chris the final price of that SU-27 kit is over $300 now. and i dont even have the pylons or missiles, and to top it all off i was looking at my revell Mig-29 last nite. it's going to be another expensive month. also do you have any other projects planned for the Mig-29? there is actually very little aftermarket available for it (i am thinking a cockpit set here) D
  7. most likely the intake would be unpainted aluminum. and the exhaust would be flat black. those old jumo's would be really inefficent, leaving lots of soot in the exhaust duct. just an educated guess, i could be wrong D
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