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ADC grey F-104 wing color

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I am working on a F-104G and I need a clarification about the underwing color.

As you can see in the attached pictures (like NMF Starfighters), these ADC grey USAF and ex USAF f-104s wings upper surface color is white 

My question is about the underwing color . Is it aircraft grey (like NMF ones) or ADC grey?

Thanks in advance






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I think that requires a little more research.  I believe the Turkish and Norwegian ones were Canadian built CF-104's, the color might be a bit of a loaded question depending on markings. 




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No, all but three F-104Gs were Lockheed built (three were Canadair built and they were painted all over ADC Gray, but with white upper wing surfaces) and delivered in bare metal with white upper and ADC Gray lower wing surfaces.  The F-104Gs were later painted in a dull metallic grey all over (except for the radome).  When they were retired by the introduction of hte F-16 in the early 80s, the aircraft (supplie via the Miltary Assistance Programme, so US propery) were passed on to Turkey.


The CF-104s were purchased second hand as Canada reduced it's Starfighter force in the early 70s.  These were never painted other than green upper surfaces and grey lower.



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