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1 Man Army data stencils for airbrush

Woody V

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These got pretty expensive on ebay, I had never bought them before, but I recall they were under $30.  Now, it seems like most are in Australia, and cost $40, and require almost $10 shipping.


I could not find a US distributor. The 1 man army website points to a US distributor, but they are a wholesaler, and won't sell direct.


I did find a site in Spain that had no problem sending me several sets that were all about $20 each, don't quote me but I got 5 sets plus shipping for about $109?  I got them today.  They were sent via DHL.  


They were very securely packaged with 2 layers of cardboard.  



Here is my selection




I will pop one open soon and my understanding is there are practice stencils designated to, well, practice on.  IN looking at the packaging, they also come with national markings for each type, for example, here is the 262 package back.  




This set comes with national markings for wing and fuselage, tail swastika, serial numbers and gruppe tactical markings, even the JG7 to be painted on as a stencil.


I feel like the inclusion of basically all markings make these a lot more economically sensible, as I hate decals, but note that good decal sheets are in the $20 neighborhood. Looks like every set give 2 marking options at least.  


I will post up a mini review when I get a chance.  

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12 hours ago, Archer Fine Transfers said:

Does the 190 sheet come with the "no step" (for lack of a better term) dotted lines for the wings? 

Indeed it does.




The stencils are printed on a yellow masking material, but are very difficult to photograph.  


AS an example, there is a negative mask for the spinner spiral, but it's tough to capture.  


Here's a part of the instructions showing some of the stencils and their placement


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3 hours ago, Archer Fine Transfers said:


Thanks! I'm going to try cutting my own stencils but if that doesn't work I'll look into this.

Ive seen guys on youtube paint these dashed lines with strips of tape.  The spacing would drive me nuts but if you measured and marked it wouldnt be so bad.  

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Just bought the stencils for the Sea Gladiator based on this thread.

They seem very high quality but not a cheap exercise for sure.

Wish they were pitched at half the price,  and he might shift more of them to the larger model community.

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2 hours ago, thierry laurent said:

Price is not low but the guy is doing everything himself besides his full-time job. BTW this explains the company name!

He seems like a nice guy based on an email exchange I has with him.  I wish him luck. 

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