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Hasegawa P-40K


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It's been a while since I've posted anything... a long, long while. :o


I'm slowly dipping my foot back into the water, so to speak. I'd like to start with a recently completed kit which has a bit of a backstory. A few years ago, when I was a member of the Austin Scale Modelers Society, one of our members passed away. It happens, although too frequently these days it seems. One of the other members was given a stack of kits to pass out to other members of the club. We all drew straws, and I drew the short straw and picked last. This kit was the last thing in the pile. It didn't look like much, half started, but it did come with a set of BarracudaCals for the P-40K. On it was some markings for a P-40K (Evelyn II/White 171) flown by Maj. Elmer Richardson out of Hengyang, China in late 1943. Maj. Richardson flew with the 75th FS, 23rd FG, and this aircraft had a faded O.D. finish with fresh O.D. over-sprayed to cover some previous markings. What was even more interesting was the DF football behind the canopy and the addition of a second set of droptank/bomb shackles. It was these markings that Pat had set out to build. Well, flash forward seven years, a bit longer than I had hoped, and here is the result. I still have to add antenna wires and the rearview mirror.


Sorry for the cellphone pics. And, as always, constructive comments are welcome.


Thanks for stopping by...















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:post1:  { Welcome back .. Good to see you after a long time. }


Absolutely  FANTASTIC  model.

you have not lost your  modelling skills.

still shows your workmanship  is of High standards. 

:goodjob:  :bow:

Sorry for your friend's loss. 

Rest in Peace.



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