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Wings Cockpit Figures

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Hello all, my first post here so please be gentle!

I'm a great fan of Wings Cockpit Figures and have emailed David Allen regarding purchasing some more. However, my emails have gone unanswered and I wondered if anyone here has had any (recent) contact with him? I know in the past he was working out of the UK and so orders were delayed? Any info? Many thanks

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Welcome to the Forum Paul, hope you enjoy this friendly place!  I've ordered figures from David too, with success, but always via his Facebook site.  I think that's the only way of doing it these days.  Question is, are you on Facebook?  Link: https://www.facebook.com/WingsCockpitFigures


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I ordered figures from him a few months ago via email. It took about a week for him to respond when I made the initial email. He might be a little slow in responding to emails, but was a pleasure to deal with. The figures are also top quality.



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