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Thin decals that curl under- Anyway to solve?

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Hi everyone,

    just finished applying decals to an ICM model.   The decals were very thin, and every time I applied one, it wanted to curl under the thick decal paper.  Inevitably, some were ruined, and some went on in pieces...  and will require creative weathering to make them less odious to look at.


Sliding the decal from the backing, I tried the old fingertip, paint brush, tweezers, and even Q-tips.  It was the worst decal session ever.  Yet, I have more ICM kits in my stash.  The larger decals I can replace with masks I can print.  But the little decals, the stencils and such still have to be used.


Anyone got a method that works on these super-thin, flimsy decals?


Thanks for your thoughts.



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One far from perfect trick but that helps somewhat is to use Future rather than water. This decreases the sticking capability of the decals sections as a Future film is covering the decal. This helps but generally prevents the use of Sol/Set types of products. However, if this is not a problem on rather flat surfaces, this does not work well if you have a lot of panel lines or other details to cover. 

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