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hello all.


after a visit to the local museum i have been looking for more data , pics and plans for a loire 130 . i have the azur 48 scale kit but i might go for the 32 scratchbuild but not without anything to build it from .


anyone has books and plans ? i also am looking for picture .

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There's an outline drawing on Wikipedia:




This looks more promising: https://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/ww2planes/various/78693/view/loire_130/


If I were building this, I would like to find some sections through the hull




MORE: Some stuff in here too, mixed in with the battleship: http://www.steelnavy.net/NavalMonographie1Bustelo.html

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Almost had a heart flutter... Imagine a Loire 130 in 1/32 as a new kit. That's right up there with a 1/32 Savoia Marchetti 55 or a Martin B.10B in the land of crazy good news... for the 25 of us in the world who would love such a beast.  Best of luck with your quest.



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thank you everybody .


the Loire is mandatory in my to do list . living where the Strasbourg was scuttled i will build the ship and hopefully the planes on the catapult too !


if anyone has the book and is willing to scan (or sell) it i would be grateful!

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