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P-47D and P-47M - differencies

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I'm planning to build Lanowski's P-47M by converting Kinetic 1/24 P-47D. I know that M has flat cockpit floor, additional fin in front of vertical stabilizer and different engine. Kinetic P-47 has 4 props so I'll use one of them.  I've searched through net and I found that engines from P-47D and M are near identical. What is the difference between them? There is more I have to do to make M out of D?


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The R-2800's are not even close to identical unless you're meaning they both have 18 cylinders.  Apart from that there are vast differences between them.  The P-47D bubbletops used the R-2800-59 whereas the P-47M used the R-2800-57.   The former being a B series engine and the latter a C series engine.  Totally different cylinders, prop governor locations, and ignition systems.  


R-2800-59 - P-47D-25 through D-40 (B series engine)  Notice the cylinders, the ignition system (GE  turtleback magnetos) with the tubular ignition manifold, and the prop governor between the two magnetos.



R-2800-57 (or reasonable approximation thereof).  Compare the cylinders, ignition system, cast ignition manifold, and the prop governor (this example is missing it but the blanking plate is just to the left of the distributor at the left of the dual magneto in the image).  C series crankcase.




Will the layperson know that the engines are completely different?  Probably not.  You will know so you have a decision to make regarding the engine.  In 1/24 you may be very limited in the R-2800's that are available but since I do not model in that scale, I cannot say you won't find a C series engine  in that scale from some manufacturer.

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interested observer here


in 1/24 all this stuff matters even more if you are trying to get an accurate rendition


what about the cockpit differences?


if one was going to buy one (or two) reference books, what would you recommend?



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Is this kit an early Bubbletop? If so, there's also stuff that carries over from the late D versions. Exterior-wise there's the compressibility (dive) flaps, new outboard position for the landing light and blunt leading edge ailerons, plus HVAR attachments on the wings. In the cockpit there's an electric bomb-release panel at the bottom of the instrument panel between the pilot's legs, the aforementioned smooth floor, and the M's had K-14 gun sights factory-installed.

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That won't do you much good either.  The m kit doesn't have the correct engine either although it does provide the correct prop reduction gearcase.  The D kit does have the dive flaps too.  So, either way you go, there's a little work to do.  The M kit can be hard to find too.  Harold makes the correct prop for the P-47M.


The p-47M did not have zero length rocket rails on it but did have provisions for pylons added after they arrived in England.

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I still say go for the Vector late R2800:


In 1/24th, need to upscale it. I think with the larger scale, you could take a cylindrical piece, add a hemispherical section on the front, add about another 200 little detail parts, and you have it! :)  

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