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1/32 Hobby Boss F-84G Thunderbirds

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She is as DONE as I can get her right now! Once I figure out how to print decals I will add the Thunderbird and Country logos for the final touch.

Built completely out of the box. Foiled using Microscale foil glue and kitchen foil of varying weights. The foil around the exhaust was treated with bleach, pennies, and fishing weights to develop the heat affected zone. All graphics are painted on using Maketar Kabuki paper and my Silhouette Cameo3. This plane represents the 1954 show season (albeit without the country and Thunderbird logos because I haven’t mastered making my own decals yet if you know what I mean ;-) )The only decals are in the cockpit and the no-step lettering on the wings. Paints are MCW(Model Car World) acrylic lacquer for the plane and Vallejo acrylics in the cockpit.
Now this one is somewhat controversial...I didn't have an era appropriate pilot. He should have goggles on so I will have to make one up some day to add here.
If you'd like to see more catch my WIP, it goes over all the challenges and delight that is foiling :thumbsup: : F-84G WIP
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