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Jack.... a LSP member called Radders (Radleigh Bushell) is a Facebook user.

Why not PM him and ask if he can contact Resin2detail for you.


After all they were discussing Resin2 Details "new" creation so go through that route.


I am sure with him being on FB may get you details OR tell you the chap has disappeared!

One way or another you might get an answer.


So PM  Radders.he is on F.B.


1/32nd B-26 Marauder - RESIN2Detail - full kit - The Rumourmonger - Britmodeller.com https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235031552-132nd-b-26-marauder-resin2detail-full-kit/


:hmmm: :frantic:

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Posted on June 19, 2019 by peddlerofnj@yahoo.com  4 Comments

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who ordered recently for your patience — all open orders are now fulfilled.

Although I am not currently accepting new orders (I am not sure if I will re-open the resin cast product line again), I do have some very cool projects in the works that I think modelers will embrace, and that will finally allow me to have the work-life balance that I desire. As many of you know, casting resin is dirty, time consuming and ultimately not very profitable, unfortunately.

Thankfully, there are new processes and manufacturing capabilities in the works that offer a vastly new way of doing things. They will not require me to manually cast / hand-craft each an every order. I can focus on what I enjoy and excel at — digital design, pattern-making and graphic design. Technology has finally caught up.

All of that said, I am still working hard in my free time to continue important design work on the B-26 kit and others. I will be looking closely at the ROI of having them fully 3D printed in-house, hopefully striking a good balance between price and expected volume. Clear plastic vac canopies, PE, masks and decals will most likely be out-sourced to 3rd party vendor (s).

While the designs are nearing completion, there is still much to be done before I can begin making any firm product announcements for these kits.

Also, under this new model, most (90+ percent) of my R2D catalog will be additive manufactured in-house using 3D printed resin at very high resolution and extremely good surface quality. I think, for the 1st time since I have been doing this, it makes good business sense to do it this way. The barriers between the digital world and the real world are coming down and the focus will be on quality of design more than anything else — and will continue to accelerate towards this end as things progress even further technologically over the coming years.

Stay tuned!

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