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B-24 Liberator turrets, and general news

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Hi Guys


I have and I am still working on some replacement turrets for the Hobby Boss B-24 Liberator. These are proving to be a lot more difficult than would first appear, and I have already done and discarded a few basic masters already. It is not only just how to make the master but then and or also how to cast it. I need to get the master good, and figure the assembly of it all to enable the clear domes to be cast and then how to integrate the, gun slots and the 'bulged' metal sections as separate parts. Before anybody asks yes I do have the Hasegawa / Eduard 1/72 scale kits and am trying to use those as a basic design pattern, BUT it is a lot more tricky when upscaling it all and designing it all to work with silicone moulds and resin.

Over the past few months I have spent quite a lot on reference materials including kits and books, casting materials, and have just sent sketches to be drawn in 3d for some parts that I will get printed, some are only sections to help me do casting. As with all of this there is a lot of trial and error, and once I have the basic 'shells' correct I will have to look and see what will need revising for the interior parts to work. There is a strong possibility that the interior parts will need changing.

So far with my investigation the front turret requires the most changes the top and the rear less so but changes are needed. As many of you know there are variations on the turrets but first of all I will be working to represent the Emerson nose turret, the Consair rear turret and the Martin top turret.


At this stage I cannot and will not be able to provide a time scale and or price, but the sooner the better for me, but I am only human and I need to complete the two projects mentioned below and the turrets are going to take some time to get them correct. Although I will try my best there could be hurdles along the way, and I am not easily beaten BUT, it needs to work for me and work for the customers.


Non LSP information, but just to keep those interested in the loop


1/48 Hunter T.7 masters are progressing well, decals are currently being drawn for the first two box options, there will be a few releases of this set in a few different guises.

I hope to have some pictures and more information up in the next two weeks.


I need to get back to the high altitude 1/72 Wellington, but I can say that I and Franta of DK Decals have been working together on the project and I can tell you that he has already drawn three schemes all quite different, that will be placed on a various decal sheet in the near future.


The other tricky part is the clear resin, to keep that part short and simple I have been testing and working with some new clear, and it is yielding varied results but I am getting better with it and I really need a break through with it as ALL of the above projects require it to work.


Also once clear works well I can hopefully get the P-51 canopies out, well I am re-working the masters for those as well... they may come out sooner than the B-24 stuff......


So please be patient but for now you know what I am working on, however I hasten to add this is all in my 'spare' time after the day job............


cheers Ali 

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Just wanted to follow up and see if these were any closer to going into production?  Looking forward to them. 


Paul C 


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