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Humbrol paints

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Is anyone who uses Humbrol enamels having problems recently?

Such as matt drying gloss or semi gloss or metalics not drying at all?

Despite thorough mixing and not doing anything differrently to how I have always done it, matt varnish will not dry matt, matt black does everything other than what it says on th tin, and metalcote aluminium just will not dry! :lol:

If anyone else is experiencing problems, please let me know.


Angelo :lol:

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Guest LSP_Jay L

Hi Angelo;


I've had a tin or two of Matt Black that ended up being gloss.


I think that since they moved their production to China there have been several problems. I had a guy come into the shop a couple of years back where his Matt white turned solid a day after he opened it.


Write to them and let them know.






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Hi Jay,

I've e-mailed them. They have said their stuff is now "out Sourced".

They are being fairly non-commital, except that there were teething problems when they first went to this producer.

They want me to send in the three tins I have had problems with but, I thought I would check and see if any one else was having problems before I went further.

Thanks for all the replies and, keep them coming. If there is a problem, they need to know so they can fix it, I'm stuck with a tacky, glossy M-1A1 Abrams at the moment :) , supose the weathering powders will stick :D

Thanks again,


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Angelo, yeah I've found the last couple of tins of matt black I've used have had a gloss finish. The paint was being used in an area that didn't matter so much, but had it been for a final coat, I would have been a bit peeved.


Haven't had any other specific problems with humbrol. HTH mate.




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Hey Angelo...last week I had problems with both, matt varnish and gloss varnish...they simply did not dry.

The matt varnish also seem like paraffin coat which filled all the airplane lines, rivets and details...

By now, I don't know what to do with my model...it's almost ruined in that stage almost finished...F***!!! :angry:


Regards and good luck

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Reading this thread is making me glad I switched to acrylics (mostly Tamiya) earlier this year ;)

Before that I used Humbrol and Revell enamels almost exclusively.


It's still annoying though that Tamiya don't have a good "dark metallic" colour in their range. Their "gunmetal" paint is glossy, and the matt "Metallic Grey" is too light for things like engines IMHO.

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l mostly use testors paints these days as they are readly available in most of the colours l need but l have used humbrol in the past as l always has very good results. Only once l can remember having problelms with a tin of ocean grey l was using on a spitire. Instand of grey l ended up with and greenish grey. I wrote to them and they told me to send the tin to them which l did and ended up with three being sent back with apologies as it seems something was added to the paint during processing.

They used to stand up for their product in the past whether they do or not is up for debate. But what the heck send it in and see what happens

As for being made in china it figures everything is either going to china or mexico anymore and our politicans dont seem to care. In the end when everything is over there what left to employ us.One day we will all regret it for sure

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