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Chinese Nationalist Kawasaki Ki 48 Lily

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This is the  Hasegawa kit in 1/72. It's not a bad model, although I did have some issues fitting the engine nacelles that required a bit of filling and sanding, otherwise things went together well. Chinese markings come from the spares box with the fin flash being masked and painted. Surprisingly, the colour picture which my build is based on shows the aircraft in a reasonable condition, thus I chose not to highlight all the panel lines, just those around the engines as they appeared a bit grimey. I am lacking some white numbers on the tail, I couldn't find small enough decals in the spares.









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Hey BradG,


i actually saw this aircraft craft in the mid 2000’s in the Beijing Aviation museum which is outside the city about a hours drive.   I was escorted there by a company I was doing business with at the time.    Your model is a good representative of this bird.  I was amazed to see this aircraft tucked inside a mountain cave museum while I was there.  Some really interesting aircraft in the museum.   I never did see the P-61 but there was a whole lot more to see than just a few casual aircraft examples.  


Well done one on your Lily.  



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