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Rivet pattern for Luftwaffe access hatches

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Hello everyone,
I am looking for a template to add rivets around the standard Luftwaffe access hatches. I have the MDC template, but it only offers few size variations that don't fit all hatches on my Fw 190.
The other templates I found are mainly used for scribing and don't have the saw-tooth pattern that helps align the needle for adding the rivets in a uniform manner. 
How have you applied rivets around such hatches on Luftwaffe aircraft?

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After various attempts, here is the approach I used for my Seafire.


This was inside the circle rather than outside but I would use the same process.


1. Use a (photoetched)  round template of the correct size and trace a circle with a pencil around the hatch. To select the correct diameter, consider that the rivets will have to be added on the circle.

2. Then divide 360° per the number of rivets and you will get the angle between them. e.g. 30 degrees for 12 rivets

3. Trace lightly the same circle you traced on the kit but with a caliper (with a dry pin rather than a pencil tip) on a clear plastic sheet section. Do not push too much to avoid distorting the clear sheet.

4. With an angle protractor, trace slightly with a scriber the same number of lines (than the number of rivets) from the center of the disk to the perimeter of the circle (the lines should be separated by the calculated angle, in our example 30 degrees). If the circle is really small trace another, larger circle. This will help in aligning the lines correctly, with an equal distance between them.

5. With a drill make a hole where the perimeter of the disk meets each line (12 holes). The hole diameter shall be marginally larger than the rivet punch head you will use.

6. Cut the template out of the clear sheet, leaving more or less centimeter around the circle.

7. Put the clear template over the traced circle on the kit and fix it with tape to be sure it will not move.

8. Use a punch to mark each rivet through each hole in the template.


And you should get what you want!


I know this is a lengthy process but if you have to repeat that a considerable bumber of times (more than 20 times on the Seafire wings), this is a time saving approach!


Here's the result:



Hope this helps



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I do not know of any.  But... One could locate a round hole brass mesh with the desired spacing.  This mesh can be in line,  parallel holes or staggered hole pattern.  It just has to provide the spacing.  Parallel holes I bet would provide a rectangular pattern (thinking graph paper-like) for acess hatches.   I tape the mesh in place and mark the rivet locations with a felt pen or needle and then finish off the rivets with the rivet tool.  I use a very small wire drill bit to make "fastener" locations.





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3 hours ago, tucohoward said:

I freehand them as I do all the rivet spacing. After doing thousands you get the amount you need to move programmed into your wrist. If you are off slightly no one will notice anyway.




Five years ago I tiled our ensuite bathroom from floor to ceiling, including the shower with tiled niches.  Whether I'm shaving or answering mother nature's call, I always look at the mistakes I made.


...And I still have a Trumpy P-40 that I have to fill and re-rivet....



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Thank you Thierry, Rick, Jay, Gaz for all your helpful comments.


I ordered a Hasegawa scribing template that offers similar shapes. At least in one direction I get guidance. I just need to get the spacing right (which should't be a big issue) and that should do the trick for me as a still unexperienced riveter. I'm halfway through the riveting of the first fuselage half. The second will be much faster as I spent most of the time in figuring out where the rivets should go.




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