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Mr Surfacer 500 (Rattle can)

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I just got my first rattle can of Mr Surfacer 500. I'm planning to use it on the VFS P-40 as a surface prep prior to NMF and I'm looing for advice from the Gunze Sages here :P


Speak....speak to me oh wise ones...


er...how 'da heck do I use 'dis stuff eh?

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I personally use the 500 as a filler and not as a primer. I've never actually seen it in a rattle can before. Unless you're trying to fill in some serious pinholes and defects, I wouldn't use it. As I've not seen the kit you're talking about (except for reviews here and on other web sites) I don't know what the condition of the plastic is. The 500 is pretty thick and will completely fill in any subtle details on the model such as screwheads and the like. It may even fill in panel lines that aren't too pronounced.


However, the 500 works great on armor kits to replicate rolled plate armor on late war German vehicles. When it's wet, stipple it with an old brush and then lightly sand it after it dries and presto, nice replication of rolled armor plate.



Sorry I'm not much help


TimC. :P

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Hey Chris,


I use the bottle stuff a bit but like mentioned I use it for filling more than priming...I did use it on the spit before scribing etc to find any real problems...then sanded most of it down to get a uniform finish...worked quite well til the crash.

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I´ve used it throughout my J-5 engine. For some reason, it resulted a finer surface than diluting it from the little bottle and airbrushing. I personally would use the dash-1000 in a NMF project (or the 500 with a vigorous polishing using an old t-shirt). Anyway, it definitely is not the best primer for polished NM finishes because it dulls significantly the shine - something like post-shoting a flat varnish over Alclad... For camouflaged subjects, I don't see any problem in using it. I rarely can find these rattle cans around here, but they save a lot of time and mess.

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They're right, 500 is too thick to use as a primer on an airplane as a spray, you will loose the surface detail. You need to get hold of some 1000 and I would strongly recomend trying it out on some scrap first.

You will need a respirator of some sort, as the stuff will harm your upper respiratory tract and lungs!

I Have used %00 on a scrstch build I'm working on to act as a top cote to scribe panel lines on. It is thick stuff.


All the best,


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Hey Chris, I've used 500 as a primer after thinning (70/30) with 91% alcohol.

I've never seen it in a can before either but if they're putting it in a can then

it's most likely well thinned already. The difference between 500 and 1000 is

the size of the pigments. 1000 is finer (obviously). That's not to say the 500

is too heavy, it shouldn't fill surface detail if you thin it sufficiently. The 70/30

ratio is just an estimate, as Mr. Surfacer viscosity changes over time.






...give it a test shot and see how you like it :lol:

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