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Hi Tim,


I've been looking at one very seriously myself.

The most obvious thing would be the control panel. Airscale makes a very good photo etched/decal combo but the Yahu one will probably fit too.

The vinyl tires have to go but I don't see any good resin replacements. I could 3D print some new ones and cast in resin but I don't know if I could sell enough of them to cover the cost.

There are plenty of decals and masks available.


All in all I always loved this kit and I think to holds up pretty well, especially the engine.


good luck



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I built one last year and it fought me all the way. My example was a fairly recent pressing and the mould alignment was out resulting in prominent seams around everything, which makes for a lot of tedious clean up particularly all those lovely tubular cockpit frames.

I did a Battle of France machine and made early four spoke main wheels using wheel hubs from the Airfix 1/24 Spitfire grafted into the slightly larger ones from the Hurri, as well as the Spitfire spinner sanded to make a more pointed DH prop.

I bought the Yahu instrument panel and it is lovely but it didn't fit very well and required some work to get a halfway satisfactory fit.

The landing light covers are an appalling fit, the engine covers need careful trimming and the canopy transparency's had flow runs, I got it painted and part weathered but the enthusiasm had been drained away so the final detailing hasn't been done.

Don't take this as a damning review, I like the kit, I like the surface detailing and the shape, I like the price, but Airfix need to fettle the molds and tighten their QC or (we can hope), re tool it. 

Just watch the opening of "The Battle of Britain" film and tell me you don't want to make a Hurricane. - "We'll go with what we've got!"


Mind you there were times when I felt like doing what Chiefy did to the lame ducks...........



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Thanks gents. I thunk I might just pop round and buy it. Although my stash is too full as it is, at least according to my better half. I am surprised that an aircraft as important as the hurricane has evaded the attention of the mainstream kit makers in the larger scales. Except for the Fly 1/32 kit there doesn't seem much to choose from!

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I'm building one of these currently. (Well, it's on the back-burner as I duck for the line on my twin Revell build - a P-51D and Spitfire IX.)


It's been in the stash since the early 90s!


Just got the engine done so far...


The question is where am I going to put it, once (if) I've finished it!


I love Hurricanes.

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Respectfully, I would disagree with that, Ray.  Trumpeters fit is nothing special and some of the details are poor.  The engine is not worth any attention other than to support the prop as it's too small.  It's also missing the inlet manifold off the supercharger.  This seems too typical of Trumpeters rather slap dash approach to some of their kits.  To me, if you're building a large scale plane, you want to see some decent detail, and that includes the engine.  Ideally, it would be great to mount the Airfix engine into the Trumpeter kit and since I have the MkIIC in my stash, I might give this a try when I get to building it.  I was very disappointed in this part of my Trumpy MkI. 


The old Airfix kit is still a good kit, with lots of detail worthy of some work and embellishment.  It's not up to their new Typhoon kit, but I've always felt it's the best of their earlier 1/24 scale kits.





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