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Academy 1/72 F-22 South East Asia Camo

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I was given a 1/72 F-22 A so finally decided to see what I could do with it.  This is actually the first jet I've built in almost forever.  I was trying to get the gray's correct and just could not decide which were the correct colors so thought how fun it would be to so this in the SEA colors.


I tried the three tone SEA, but the two greens, although looking VERY different, sprayed so close I can barely tell them apart.  But that is ok, this much more of a fun build than anything else.  Tried some different washes on the underside, mostly grays, and they worked out pretty well.


Paints are all Vallejo.


I may actually pick up this kit again and do it properly.  Then I'll use the Infinity to have the proper line between the colors.


Squadron is the Langley, Va - based Spads so close to home for me.






Should have gone with the lighter colored markings, but what the heck.




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