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DB 601N Details for Dragon 1/32 Bf110D

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Looking for pics for the wiring & plumbing details on a DB 601N on a BF110D.

All the pics in my reference material are vague or inconclusive OR shown on engine rack unplumbed. 

With the excellent detail given, its a shame NOT to show it off !


Maybe Pastor John can weigh in on this ?


Thanks in Advance ! 

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Sorry to intrude, but HpH for 1/18? Why 1/18 scale?


Wish it was 1/24 to replace the shrunken one in Trumpeter -109 series...

It's just the engine for display. The also have a Packard V-1650-7 and a BMW003. Take note that Hph produces 1/18 scale custom (museum) models, so I think they decided to release some engines in that scale just for the sake of it.

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 Thanks Wouter,


 I'm wanting to super-detail the DB 601N, the detail material available for the DB 605 seems to be more readily obtainable.

 The HpH 1/18 DB605 is stunning, but from my available reference material, the plumbing & wiring looks completely different ?

 I have good photos of the DB601 used in early Bf109E series, just not clear pictures of it mounted on a Bf110 opened up to show detail.

 Maybe Kagero will do a "3D Special" on the Bf110 like they produced for the Bf109F with the CAD drawings showing how its plumbed & wired ! 


Thanks Again,   Barry       

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Yes, the Vasco book has some great detail shots.


Correction. The Vasco / Estanislau book (Messerschmitt Bf110 C, D and E an Illustrated Study) is better than the John Vasco (Zerstorer!) book.

I have both. The 'Zerstorer' one I picked up unknowingly. It's not a bad book but there's a lot more text than pictures

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