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Su-27 Flanker

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welcome at lsp, mate! your wheelbays look fantastic and the cockpit doesnt stand behind them.

only one thing. please please please flatten those tires. this is the only thing that looks odd on this beautiful modell.


cheers klaus

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Edit* Extra images that would n't fit in previous post:...







Thanks guys,
I've been following your progress Rafael, outstanding job on those gear bays....I'm looking forward to more.


please please please flatten those tires

Heh, heh.....your ears must have been burning Klaus!
I accidently stumbled across your advice to another modeller here on LSP a couple of days ago. I was reading a thread (which I can't find now :rolleyes: ) and the guy quoted a technique you had suggested. From memory it was to cut a portion off the base of the tyre, slit the rubber slightly lenghtwise and then insert a small plastic shard to splay the tyre. It looked very convincing in his thread and I may well try it.
I have been considering other methods as you can see here:
from post#548 onwards and then again here:
from post #561

If it was you who suggested the technique, perhaps you could describe it in detail so that I can replicate it?
Thank you for your help.

wink.gif Edited by geedubelyer

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you remember it right, my friend.

i think this technic is the most convincing and easiest technic as well. give it a try, you will like it alot.


cheers klaus

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"During late summer 2006 a number of Su-27 Flanker aircraft were invited to take part in friendly exercises with several NATO types. Here we see one of these aircraft, Bort No. Red 51, having recently arrived at RAF Waddington, U.K.........."

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! cool.gif

So I've finally completed the Big Russian. I apologise that postings have been sporadic but here are pics of the nearly completed bird on "Charlie" dispersal:






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I have used the Zactomodel canopy correction, intake and nose cone correction sets, Aires wheel bay and jet pipe sets and a few details from Eduard.

I spent a good deal of time adding detail to all of the undercarriage legs as well as the aft half of the MLG bays. There are numerous other amendments to the Trumpeter kit which provides a good basis for all of that extra work.

I've still got the pylons to add, the pitot and a few other antenna, etc. but these details are not too noticable from the pics.

A few closer shots and one or two details:











The aftermarket sets are a must IMHO. They really are the making of the beast.
If anyone has any comments or feedback, good or bad, I'd be pleased to hear them. Also, if there are any questions please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them.
I hope you like the pics, thank you for looking,



Edit** These last couple used a Lakenheath background and full sunshine. Hope you like







Edited by geedubelyer

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I just want to thank you for making me want to sell my airbrush, dawn an orange robe and become a monk!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks has got to be one of the coolest Flankers ihave ever seen- TOP NOTCH!!!!!!





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