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Hi guys'n'gals cool.gif

I'm a newbie to LSP but I've kept up with all of the great builds.
The standard is very high so I've alot to live upto.

I,ve posted an "In Progress" thread on ARC so if you guys have already seen it I apologise. happy.gif

If cross posting between sites is bad form please let me know. I don't want to tread on peoples toes or stir anything up........

I hope you enjoy my pic. biggrin.gif


Edit* I'm in the process of migrating photos from PB and decided to add some additional images to this thread whilst I was at it.


A few extra shots of the office and seat:








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Guest LSP_Jay L

Welcome GW.


I've been following along with the ARC Su-27 stuff , and am glad to see you here also. Sergey is around sometimes as well.


Cokpit is looking great mate.





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I've also occasionally looked at your Flanker as well as the one of Flankerman and the masters of Zactoman on ARC!


This is really becoming a true hepic saga!


As abovementionned, the work you did on the MLG legs is terrific, man!


Erwin wrote it clearly: this is THE site for LARGE scale models....!

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Hey guys,


Thanks for the warm welcome, it's nice to "meet" you all. :P


I'm glad that there is no conflict between sites. I did n't expect one but it seemed polite to ask. :lol:


Is it o.k. to post the same pics on here aswell as ARC?


If so, I'll start the next time I have an update :huh:




p.s. In case anyone is wondering about the above mentioned build, here's a link: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/index.php?...showtopic=46334

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Hi all, happy.gif

I've been attacking the vertical tail surfaces recently.
Here are a couple of pics of the progress:

I wanted to refine the hinge area so I scratch built a little detail and modified the kit slightly.
Both rudders are the same as each other so I'll need to do the port one the same way.


Edit* More images:..........










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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all, :)

Lately I've been playing around with some of the fin detail, modifying the trailing edge pods and aerials and such like. I've also added a little colour to the dialectric panels just to see how they'd look.

The green panels seem to suffer quite badly from weathering so I've tried to simulate this.


Also, I've enlarged the port fin intake which you can see highlighted by the red circle.


*EDIT*. This view just about shows the starboard side that I tried to add in the above posts. I hope you can tell the difference from the other pic higher up this page. :)


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Hi geedub,


The build is progressing well, love your work so far.


I have a question. You mentioned in the past , when i was building me F-16, that you do not own an air- brush. So how have you painted the bit's we've seen so far and why paint them so early on in the build?


OH! that's two question's, hope ya don't mind Guy?


Look forward to seeing more pic's, Oh, off to Yeovilton Air Day this weekend so finger's crossed the weather hold's out.



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...... you do not own an air- brush. So how have you painted the bit's we've seen so far and why paint them so early on in the build?



Hi Sav,

Good to hear from you again mate.

You're right, I don't own an airbrush so I have to rely on spray cans. The colours for the Flanker were eyed up using colour swatches at a local motor factors. They can mix any shade of paint on the swatches into 300ml aerosols. I just took a reference book with me and picked the closest shades! cool.gif


The detail parts, cockpit, undercarriage, wheel bays etc. have all been brush painted using predominantly Citadel Acrylics. wink.gif


Edit* Some additional detail pics of the gear and bays.
























I'm inexperienced when it comes to building these big kits so I take a modular approach. I build the thing up in sections and paint each part as I go. That should limit the amount of masking later in the build when the whole thing is massive!

It worked reasonably well with the Tamiya F-15E but the fit on that kit seems better than the Trumpeter Flanker. I'll have to wait and see how this one turns out.


Watch this space tongue.gif


I hope the weather holds for the show at the weekend. Enjoy yourself and keep well,



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  • 11 months later...

Hello everyone...I thought I'd add an update for a change instead of just lurking.
I'm still on with the Flanker but I'm nearing the home straight at last.............should only be another couple of months and I'll have her finished happy.gif
This is how she stands at present:

It's been a long, hard slog to get to this stage. Here are a couple of pics of the wheel bays.














Zactomodels corrected nose, intakes and canopy sets, Aires wheel bay, cockpit and jet pipe sets, the remainder is scratch built. (The canopy shown here is only temporary to keep the dust out)
Just the pylons and small stuff to do and then on to the final weathering.

Thanks for looking.

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