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Anigrand KC-10 Crashed during SOLO flight, I HATE THIS MODEL

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Geez, what a project - surely a bit less then a gem but at this point, you surely have the fuselage under control

Keep 'em coming


I feel pretty good with it since it's my first Anigrand kit. I sure miss "Bondo Phil" working on this kit

Bondo is a LEGEND in these parts for building Anigrand and more esoteric kits. 

Thanks Peter



Did the person who designed the left half of the fuselage never talk to the person who designed the right half?

Jessie, I had a similar question, and NO! was the answer I came up with. The aft section are 2

different lengths and the panel lines are even further off. I thought about filling  all of the panel

lines and cut that thought off. Fill and re-scribe aft 1/2..OH what FUN..But the wings look straight.

At least I don't have to fiddle with the landing gear...In- Flight...


Thanks for looking in


p.s.   I ask the company you sent the link too, if I could buy their decal sheet.....Would help ALOT!

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Just finished a Google search for Bondo Phil and it's easy to see why he is a legend. Gorgeous work


Another model related story, Was talking to Bondo Phil and he mentioned his brother was a "Night Owl"

I ask 497th TFS?, he said yes. Turned out our brothers were assigned to the 497th at the same time.

I ask my brother if he knew Lance and he said yes, "Hadn't heard from him since Easter of 1969".

My brother was home on R&R for Easter and Lance was shot down on Easter Sunday, was rescued

and sent home with a leg injury. Needless to say they are in touch now...Small World. :hmmm: 


Wow! Staggering amount of patience you have.



Oh You ain't seen nothing yet!, I appreciate the compliment and blame it all on modeling :frantic:  :frantic:  :frantic: 


Welcome to Anigrand.

   Thanks Jennings, was warned about this, but gotta have it for the museum :doh: 

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Marked my LOW spots in black marker and sanded for last 10 days using CA for the filler......LOT's of sanding ......Lot's of CA

Shot with Tamiya rattle-can aluminum, I can see some seams that will need some work.  Except the bulge on the right rear it looks ok.

I decided to leave the bulge as it would thin the resin to much in that area. Will fill the panel lines on one side 1/2 of the rear fuselage and

match the new ones to the other 1/2.. Ho Hi Ho!F5Gasbs.jpgzOKowVN.jpgJ1RHoxJ.jpggneJz4X.jpgqjtdQ75.jpg9VsNS8U.jpgp2dzFf4.jpg9Mji2X1.jpgOnTxOlO.jpgOojv60e.jpg

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