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Well, the dreaded moment has arrived. This is my first attempt at rigging a model so there's been quite a bit of trepidation on my part.


Anyway, I decided to use EZ line for this. I know it's not the correct flat wire that British aircraft used but I figured that it might make it easier.


My first tries didn't go very well. So I left the kit for a couple days and came back to it. This time I had some more success.






It's definitely a challenge but I think I'll be able to get through it. I'll do a bit at a time and that should keep my sanity in check.



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Holy Cow ... I'm just blown away by your work ... simply awesome.

Nice to see the rigging went as well as it did and looks Oh so good!

Yup, Ernie the Man .. a true gem and one of a kind.

Keep 'em coming


Thanks Peter!


Rigging is definitely a challenge. Sometimes it goes on without a hitch, other times I'm ready to just give up on ever trying it again.


So far, I've found that if I do just a couple bits at a time, it's manageable from a stress standpoint.


And yes, Ernie is quite the gent.



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Well, it was my mother-in-law's 80th birthday today so we had my wife's family and most of mine over today to celebrate. So the only thing that really got worked on during the day was this:




Somehow we managed to struggle through and get it finished :)


At least it was enjoyable.


Once everyone was gone, I got a bit of bench time in.


Another first for me that I'm attempting on this build is wiring the engine. I used 0.3mm silver wire from T2M for this.






I then installed it onto the fuselage.




I then added the cowling.





I'll keep plugging away at the rigging.



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That looks so so good Carl, fantastic work on something out of your usual comfort zone.


ordered my first WnW kit today ( How expensive :hmmm: ).............Hansa Brandenburg W.12 and very excited at having a crack at it!!


Regards. Andy

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