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Intruders from the Sea - USN/USMC A-6A, A-6B, KA-6D in Vietnam


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AOA's favorite "modern" aircraft. Did not anticipate releasing another A-6A release in 1/32 but couldn't resist, too many combat schemes not covered.


This is a LARGE release, largest by AOA (so far) - four full sheets of decals.


16 options, including two A-6B Mod 0 Iron Hands and two KA-6D tankers. Plus three CAG schemes - including the never done in any scale "patience my ass" vulture 224 scheme


VMA(AW)-224 Bengals:

USS Coral Sea 1971-72 (5 options - 3x A-6A including CAG scheme, 1x A-6B, & 1x KA-6D)


VA-95 Green Lizards (technically not "war" but supported Operation End Sweep along North Vietnam):

USS Coral Sea 1973 (2 options - 2x A-6A, including CAG scheme)


VA-165 Boomers:

USS Ranger 1967-68 (1 option - A-6A)

USS Ranger 1968-69 (1 option - A-6A)

USS America 1970 (1 option - A-6A)

USS Constellation 1971-72 (1 option - A-6A CAG scheme)


VA-196 Main Battery:

USS Constellation 1968-69 (1 option - A-6A)

USS Ranger 1969-70 (1 option - A-6A)

USS Enterprise 1971-72 (2 options - 1x A-6A & x1 A-6B)

USS Enterprise 1972-73 (1 option - KA-6D)



Now available





(Click image for larger view)










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If I remember correctly, the A-6 that was assigned to Stephen Coonts was a B model. Anybody know the bureau number and nose number?





523. Photos show it Cooter Coonts, I 'm not sure of the BuNo


I was told his name was originally on 511 (i think) but was later added to the blank field tanker.

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