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FINISHED! Mojo Rei-sen - Tamiya Mitsubishi A6M2

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I just wanted to give back a little bit and show off some in-progress pics of my Tamiya Type 21 Zero.



I built LOTS of 1/35 scale Tamiya armor when I was young, so I am well aware of the quality of their kits; this one is no exception!



I decided to start this kit because I thought there would be very little scratchbuilding needed and I could complete the kit quicker. So much for that idea…


On to the pics! I think so far so good, this is by far the most detailed cockpit I have ever completed. Tamiya engineering makes the instruments look almost real.



I found that even after weeks of drying, the dial decals were still coming loose. I used Future to fix that issue!














Thanks for looking  :punk:


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SWEET.....a A6M2 ....i can never get enough of them, also the Tamiya kit is fantastic, as ive builded 3 of them Before, so keep em coming, and make shure you enjou this kit, as it is fantastic.....


Yes ive put my self as a follow on this build.


Soo keep em coming, and hey no rush, since this like a year quality wine but in modelling...so enjoy it cause i will following this one.



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Thank you guys for the kind words. It means a lot to me.   :D  I've been watching all the fascinating builds on here for many years, but this is my first time posting.


Most of what I'm doing, I have learned from everyone here, at one time or another. You all are GREAT teachers!   :bow:


Anyway here's a look at the exhaust stacks. I dimple  brush painted them with Mr. Surfacer, then airbrushed them with browns and blacks. I've been thinking that I may revise them with more white-ish tints, since this aircraft was practically brand new when it flew it's first mission. 




I also ran into a problem with the landing gear (one of them). It seems that Tamiya have these itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny pins to assemble them with... so, naturally, I lost one.  :BANGHEAD2:


I made another with a tiny nail--no harm done, just some extra bench time.






More to come soon!




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I'm not sure what I did when assembling this kit, but I was having major fit issues between the wings and the fuselage. I mean, the top of the wings would not fully fit flush with the fuselage like so…


This is with 0% pressure...




When I push down on it, it almost lines up correctly. Left wing fits better than right.






Fit is much better now (I will post some new pics soon), but during all this mayhem, I noticed that there are two areas of the fuselage that fill in gaps in the wheel wells. I will post that next.


Thanks for following!




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The wing fit issue occurred BEFORE I added this wheel well detail.


The next problem: 




Here it is in place...




And adding new ribs...




Thanks for looking!



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Thanks Brian. All kinds of minor problems have held up this build, but I expect to have some more posts this weekend.



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Thanks, Maru!


Well, time to get back to work. First off, I had to buy a new shop light. Daytime modeling was fine, but the nights were pretty dark on my bench. Hung it up in about 45 minutes. BIG DIFFERENCE.

Let there be light!




So I started in again. Got all the small bits coated in Finish, then did oil washes, which were thinned with lighter fluid. It really makes the details pop!





Prop, with and without spinner. Alcad polished aluminum blades (front only, reverse side is flat black) and spinner; stripes are painted:





I started the landing gear with the original rubber tires; but all they did was gather dust, so I ordered some resin replacements, I believe from Czech Master. That meant I had to cut the rims out of those rubber tires (of course I already glued them in). Since the resin tires are flattened, I had to finagle (it's a word!) the old rims onto the painted, finished tires. I used some plastic strip to fill in between the rims on each side of the tire. The hub also had to fit through both rims evenly, so it was touch and go whether I could pull it off. It's a work in progress; I will have pics of the finished wheels next time.


Here are the painted tires, with a little Tamiya powder on the rolling surfaces (Luci is looking on in the background):





Now the cowling; used some white oil paint, mixed with yellow ochre to make some of the rivets pop. I think I will go back and airbrush some Mr. Color Rubber Black and Cowling color very lightly, just to make it look more natural. 




Also added landing lights into the wing tips. I was always bad at math, so I only made two, but I need four...  :mental: anyway, so, the other two I made shorter, and while gluing/adjusting, I pushed them in too far... :doh: So tomorrow, I will make two new ones. I used round plastic rod, and sanded down the end into a conical shape, painted them silver, and glued them in. I found that while attaching the clear covers, the rod barely fit in the narrow space between the clear part, so I had to shove the "bulbs" in further. I used Micro Krystal Klear to glue on the clear parts. Anyway, I can't wait to see how they turn out once painted red and green. 








Anyway, that's all for now, and thanks for looking!



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