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1/24 "Golden Griffon" ...Race21...

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Ok, Ok, Ok, I caved....

Granted with all my other irons in the fire this may take a while, so I am grateful for the Dec 31 end date.

...It may take every bit of it.


The box:



The goodies inside:



The conceptual drawing:


I actually did a thumbnail sketch probably 2 years ago, then did the above colored rendering.


I will be making the majority of this up as I go along, but at this point here is the basic concept and list of mods.


Reno styled Unlimited Racer, based on the Spitfire.

Rolls Royce Griffon engine with modified Shackleton Contra-rotating propellers

Boil off system for engine cooling and oil cooling.

Cockpit moved aft and modified bubble canopy and windscreen.

Filled and smoothed wings and fuselage.

Modified landing gear.


I have been dying to build this, and this is the perfect excuse to do it.



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You will have to modify the engine to fit if it's going to be seen, RR shaved the cases to get the 58 to fit in the mk19, I have photos.

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Hey xmh53wrench..


how did I miss this project of yours. . :wicked:


I am going to enjoy this build as much as your other builds/models.


love the conceptual sketch. .


hope to see more .... post more soon ..Please ..thanks.


good luck :yahoo:

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