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seawolf huey FINISHED


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since the deadline has been moved and i got josephs decals i will make a last ditch effort to build one of these. i had allready opened the box of a trumpy mig 19 (will be a pakistani "cobra") when the extension was made public, but i couldnt resist the challenge. i hope my big mouth wont haunt me later :DodgeBall:



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Guest Clunkmeister



Bring it on!   I wanted to do a Huey as well, even bought what I needed for it, but my two almost finished builds need doing first.


I'm so looking forward to following this build.


The clock's ticking, so get building, and take lots of pictures so we can all see your progress.


Good Luck!



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HI Karl!  Welcome back with your Huey build.  I am looking forward to your progress, and I know it will be a great project. :)

  I also wanted to let you know I updated the GB gallery and your build of the A-4C has been added.


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Karl, the seawolves flew C models as well, so you don't HAVE to convert anything unless you like making more work for yourself. :) . Use the seawolf website I linked you a while back and check the serial numbers of C models and use the decals to build a C and save yourself a LOT of trouble.

 The rotor mast height, blades, blade hub etc. would need to be addressed to make a B.



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do you have any pics/drawings of the differences on the rotorblades?


Sorry I don't. There's a pic on the Cobra Company site of their OOP set if that helps?



Like Paul said though they did use the UH-1C, though in much more limited number than the B model:



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so the set seems to be gone for good :(  (i mailed with chris from cobra company)

i dont have to decide what route i go at the moment, further research on the helos is in order

i played with the Eduard stuff a little and i must say this set is excellent. most of the time i dont care too much about an overload of PE, but this one is an exception.


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