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1/32nd Focke-Wulf Triebflügel

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On 10/8/2017 at 1:48 PM, Out2gtcha said:

The Triebflügel is not forgotten though. Its only on the sideline temporarily. I've actually been thinking about it a lot, so it might make an appearance on the small side of my bench along side the Tigercat for some distraction of the inevitable wearing down one gets when building a kit that requires an intense amount of cutting, sanding, and fitting. 




An excellent idea, and one the eight or so kits on my bench are testament to! I'm glad the Trib is still in your periphery as for me it's a very exciting and inspiring project.


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lol -

I actually was just thinking about the big Trib just yesterday, as I found it and had to move it and its contents.

The main reason I put the build down (and the reason I haven't picked it back up yet among other things) is that I will have to go from my current "O" scale motor set up to the much smaller "N" scale motor.

This means a complete re-design of the working internals.

Dont worry though this one is definitely on the to do list still.


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