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"My Sky"1/32 Trump A-1D Skyraider Korea War FINISHED


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Hi to all,


After my Cyberhobby Bf-109 E-4 Emil, I present you my second attempt in 1/32 scale, the A-1D Skyraider of Trumpeter.I choose to make the early type that act in Korean war, with not open the engine and the wings not folded.

As you can see in the photos I started with the engine, the fuselage, and the cockpit.


 have not too much experience in that scale, but I hope with your help to make this out!!


Ps: sorry about my English, and maybe the photo qualityJ



























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Both your English and the photo quality are great. I really like how you've detailed that engine.


Cheers, Tom

Thanks Tom,


The only thing that i have to do is to add two wires per cylinder and their little bases in the top of them and the front ring, by using thin real wires.



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Looking good!


I just finished mine Philippos, be very careful with the wings when you are joining them, as the fit is not great.


Trumpeter has you insert the wing bulkheads into both sections of the wing, and then a set of 'hinges', straight ones for the wings extended, V-shaped for wings folded.


If you can, insert plastic or metal stock between the two halves and ignore the bulkheads. The hinges form part of the upper surface of the wing and will help with alignment, but do not rely on them for strength.



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okay Jeff....


i really appriciate your advice for the trumpy-fit difficulty!!!i will remeber that when i go to that stage of construction!!


thank you again jeff....this is what i call ...help....encourage between mates!!!:)



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Guest Peterpools


Terrific start on the Trump Skyraider, the Big Radial looks simply stellar

Keep 'em coming


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Anything I can do to help...


What ended up happening with mine is that the dihedral of one wing is different than the other...one wing is straight, the other has a slight kink in it...which I didn't notice until AFTER the paint was down...


The strange part is, I lined up the wings in the exact same manner, so it's not like I lined the top edge on one and the bottom on the other...I probably should have cut it and fixed it, but it's so slight that I don't think anyone but IPMS judges will notice it... lol.


The kit, otherwise, was a fun build, everything but my wing went together nicely with very little filling...

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oh my...oh my....AFTER the paint!!!! you are a hero!!:)


i will keep my mind to that trumpy glory fit!!....and i will try to avoid the IPMS ...Inquisition :) ...LOL


i would like to see your baby-sky photos...


Thanks jeff



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Here i am again with a little update....


These photos shows some test fits of the resin cockpit with the fuselage...and the masking and paining of the clear dashboard...












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Hi mates,


Here is my progress in my sky, with photos.

In summury, I painted all the interior green parts, and I complete the construction of the wheel holes.

I made a lot of test fits in the wings and the cockpit.

The photos will speak better English than me …hehehe































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