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B-17 "Flying Fortress" - 1/32 by HK Models, Eduard, Profimodel


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Thank you guys..... 

But what a mess yesterday.... a fu**in day.... :doh:  :help:  :fight:


I put on the decals yesterday morning..... and was shocked in the afternoon.... I put the US star on the wings top side (!!!) in the wrong direction.... the star stood on his "head"......  I was nearly far enough for juming from the roof top.... or shooting me...... or anything else.....  so what do do.... take out a bottle of wine and thinking.....  leaving at it is ? No never.... the original kit decals on top of the wrong.... no...... 


... What have I done? Took out my bottle of Carsons Paint Killer and started to remove the decal and the complete paint under it on the complete panel of the wing..... (luckily the colors of each panel were a little different in original....). Paint removed, new decals at kitsworld ordered (today shiped - thank you to KITSWORLD !!!!) and today I will give this panel a new aluminium paint..... then new clear coat tomorrow..... and hopefully everything will be ok  then.......... *panic*


Keep cool ... 

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Have no worries, Michael.  We've all done things like that.  In fact, we used to say "if you haven't made a booboo during a build, you haven't done a build.  The red wine was a good idea.  It would have been a good idea even without the booboo.  

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the problems are solved :) I have removed the decals and brushed it once more on this panel.... then a new decal on it - finished :) Nobody will see it later :) 


... now... the exhaust pipes were painted.....:
The landing gear as well... and installed some wiring..... 
Some further parts painted in black (matt) and olive green (matt)..... olive will also follow on the engines later...
and the wings partialy mounted.....: 
So far for today....
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